arb token got sued? now re-brand to APEX token for more scam?

There was an article published a month ago about ARB token sued, but sure what’s going on with that, it might be a third party getting the investors into ARB, while the investors know nothing about arb. As of today October 25th 2019, look like all the arb token apex telegram Read more […] arb token erasing its track of scam by moving to new apex token and new owner?

Based on the archive of chat logs and youtubers that talks about arb token, look like there are still people that have hope and still waiting that one day arb token will rise again. It’s kind of silly that anyone would still think arb token now apex is not a scam. Many legitimate articles written with careful research about now known as apex token indicated it’s a scam. ARB Apex token haven’t scam anyone, sure, they scammed everyone at the same time not like others Read more […]

What’s the latest with arb token platform?

After reviewing many youtube videos and many telegram arb related chat, and also from blogs and forums on the internet. There appears to be 80% to 90% said it’s a scam with long exiting scam strategy despite the fact that John Mcafee was somehow connected to arb token recently with the crypto credit card, apparently with that affiliation it still didn’t help arb token much. Youtubers that promote talk about arb token appears to be skeptical although don’t admit it. Read more […]

What’s the latest and greatest at arb platform? where are they now? what’s next?

It’s been a while, so what’s the latest with the arb platform, According to existing websites and social media that talk about ponzi scheme scam – short anwser, they’re still online, but still selling and withdrawal is next to impossible, but investing is 100% possible flawlessly working, you can send your money Ethereum Bitcoin to arb token platform without any issue, but making a profit and selling it to withdraw is next to impossible, what does this Read more […]

Slow painful exit scam arb token for users investors how long will it last?

How many users are really active now in chatting in arb token telegram chat group? I think only a few, maybe 100 or less. How many investors are actually checking their account daily? I think less than 2000, maybe 1000. This is based on how many users are in the actual telegram chat group that is not the original official chat group, only 1000 users on at least 2 channels, and only a dozen or so actively participate in chatting. Will the owners or staffs of arb Read more […] Telegram chat group fake followers kept on increasing 3 thousand to almost 20 thousand within a month.

Over the past month, look like the numbers of Telegram followers had increased from from 3 thousand now to almost 20 thousand, and yet only a few people chatting, mostl admin. So who are these new Telegram followers in group? new investors users? – NO definitely not new users or investors, they are bots, in other word it’s fake Telegram followers package can be bought with few dollars for hundreds to thousands of Telegram followers join the Telegram chat group to make it appears popular. Read more […] said “we’ve not scam anyone yet” but when we do, all of you will get scammed

So what’s the latest with ARB token platform? According to the Telegram ARB chat group: well as expected it’s getting worst and worst, as more and more supporters and big investors users loosing hope, loosing faith, for almost 5 months now and counting since December 10th 2018. After one news announced to another news announced, seems to be just news that say will make the platform better but apparently not, and again this has been going for almost 5 months and counting. On Read more […]

What’s the latest on scam arb tokens platform ponzi scheme?

According to the Telegram chat room of all 3 or four channels chat group for ARB tokens, all these chat room official and un-official chat for ARB has been shutting down on and off muting the whole channel on and off, and complete ban and mute of many users, why? – because ARB tokens has been exiting scam slowly. arb token exit scam is super slow, perhaps their method of exiting scam is smarter than others, do not just shut down and disappear, instead they’re making Read more […]

LOL “vanguard” product latest update news “Surprise! Save the date”

I must say is in better shape than although both are pretty much the same ponzi style scheme or scam rather. It’s funny how uses the word “vanguard” like the real Vanguard company. On Wednesday, March 27, 2019, 12:34:49 PM EDT, NovaChain [email protected] wrote: Can’t see images? Click here… Dear NOVACHAIN Community, Save the date! As you all know, this Friday is the big release of our vanguard product, T-REX! To help the community get things off Read more […] is gone with everyone’s money, is ARB token next?

Just to get the fact straight, officially gone scam over a week ago from today. disappeared without a trace of anyone knowing who is behind it or ran the platform. Some of the telegram chat group admins are as clueless as the users investors because some of the admins are just basically early adopter into the program and been supporting it. Some say that someone name “Steve” running the whole show and the only admin working full time, who knows. There was some indication that Read more […]