How to spot an online scam to your financial bank credit card account

Learn how to spot a scam
Scammers often pretend to be someone they’re not. They may trick you into providing information to gain access to your account. Get to know the following scams to help keep your accounts safe and secure.

Online Shopping
A scammer sets up a fake online store and asks you to pay in ways other than a credit or debit card, leaving you without recourse when the item doesn’t arrive.

Pay Yourself
A person pretending to be a Chase employee asks you to transfer money to yourself to resolve fraudulent activity.

Someone impersonates a loved one in crisis like claiming their car broke down or they lost their wallet and they need money right away.

Tech Support
A scammer requests access to your device to fix a technical issue, but really, they’re collecting personal information.

Utility Shutoff
A person may pose as a utility employee saying your service will be stopped unless you pay them immediately.

A scammer creates a fake profile to gain your trust then asks for money for a health crisis or other bogus scheme.