Scammers frequently play on their victim’s emotions. This is how even those most intelligent and vigilant can fall victim to fraud

This is so true, “Did you know scammers frequently play on their victim’s emotions? This is how even those most intelligent and vigilant can fall victim to fraud.” there was an email from WesternUnion below, the above statement is very true, no matter how smart you, how careful you care, who you are, it does not matter, hackers and scammers does not necessary using their computer knowledge hacking methods but rather also emotional social hacking skills so be careful. These scammers and hackers Read more […] DoGoodMedia “Request #38: How would you rate the support you received?” support non-existent. Earnhoney OptinCoin Scam? non-existent one way to get user to get paid with the virtual currency and got stuck with it. Users whom got paid with OptinCoin are stuck with the token for years and no new development on this or about this at all. When users asked questions about this token OptinCoin the support team did not respond, or if the DooGoodMedia support exist at all? could it be true that only have 1 or 2 employees? On Read more […]

0.1% daily interest 3% monthly for your BTC deposit into “YoBit InvestBox”

Would you do it? after knowing as far as many people know, they’re not scam, but they ran a investbox platform for coins that mimic the real coins that only exist in there platform. So be careful when you invest into any of the coins offer high yield investment return such as the latest offer below, especially for Bitcoin 0.1% interest daily, or 3% monthly meaning if you invest 1bitcoin with 0.1% you will get 0.001bitcoin daily or 0.03bitcoin monthly, but the question is, is Read more […]

The best way to avoid getting hacked of all time 2020 and beyond

From my personal experiences and experiences of others on the internet. The best way to avoid getting hacked is, none, not possible, you will get hacked no matter what if you are being targeted. Not to say that you will hacked now or tomorrow. The reason I am saying that it is not possible not to hack is because of how much data of you already available publicly whether or not you’re doing any wrong on the internet, but data of your information was secured on government computers, banks computers, Read more […]

SCAM phishing fake email from Bit-Z “Send You 120 USDT Sincerely(AD)”

Do not fall for this scam folks, it’s fake email from scammers hackers trying to hack your Bit-Z account. Your email address probably got compromised or simply randomly sending to any email. Your spam filter is not 100% guaranteed, so this email might have gone through into your inbox, it’s typical. Never ever click on any link of any email, even it’s from known friends or family members, instead go directly to the site domain or contact your friends or family first before clicking if you really Read more […]

Synchrony Bank big messy spam mail glitch “A Trial Deposit Has Been Successfully Made to Your AMAZON CREDITBUILDER”

Look like it’s been confirmed earlier today by Synchrony Bank that their system have a glitch sending out multiple email notification related to a deposit transaction which causes many customers to become very worries about their account might have been hacked comprised. Turns out just a glitch and Synchrony Bank said they will send out an official email detail of what happened. If you received similar email below, don’t worry, you can just ignore it. The email below is not SPAM or phishing, Read more […]

Another IEO ICO coin from “New Yobit IEO (ICO) in 21 hrs!”

Careful folks, although is not a scam exchange, they are however running a platform that have a lot of new IEO ICO coins only exist on their own platform, meaning you cannot withdraw it to external wallet. Most of the new IEO ICO coins from mimic the real coins on the public blockchain but only exist on their own platform. Some people know about this but still going for it and loose, however there are people that also win, it’s like bidding on a card game at the casino Read more […]

All passive beermoney no longer feasible to run or work especially perktv

I wonder if there are people still running beermoney weather passively semi-passive? Eventually they will all collapsed. was among the strongest, like swagbucks and earnhoney, all will collapsed sooner or later. Some people still doing hope one day that they will come back and pay, but if come back and pay, most likely it will be paying to selective users, not everyone will get paid, that’s for sure. Hopefully people don’t rely on these beermoney as their source of Read more […]

ARB token apx apex token now Mcafee Magic scam?

Is John Mcafee desperate for making money and will do anything related to Cryptos without knowing the facts about certain team that work on Cryptos projects scam? ARB token APX Apex is a scam, didn’t Mcafee see this? or was Mcafee too deep in believing ARB token APX Apex token team can help him setup a trading platform without KYC (know your customer)? Now I know Mcafee appears to be running and hiding from the Federal government for whatever reason, he claimed to be tax related, Read more […]

arb token got sued? now re-brand to APEX token for more scam?

There was an article published a month ago about ARB token sued, but sure what’s going on with that, it might be a third party getting the investors into ARB, while the investors know nothing about arb. As of today October 25th 2019, look like all the arb token apex telegram Read more […]