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So far, is the only paying interest cryptos account, while all others with high yield investment program had gone scam, the latest gone scam is while is taking their time to shut down although they have not pay anyone fully since December 10th 2018, over 10 months and counting. On Thursday, September 5, 2019, 03:18:19 PM EDT, BlockFi Product Updates [email protected] wrote: View in browser Logo-Blue-1 Introducing Interest Payment Flex We are excited to Read more […]

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On Wednesday, July 3, 2019, 10:47:27 AM EDT, NovaChain [email protected] wrote: Can’t see images? Click here… Introducing T-REX LTC Pool Team NOVACHAIN! We are pleased to report the recent launch of the TREX Loyalty Pool went off without a hitch. Users are already making money with the recently implemented REX solution and the future looks brighter than ever at NOVACHAIN HQ! The launch of the Loyalty pool hallmarked another upgrade to the NOVACHAIN ecosystem. Essentially, we transitioned from Read more […]

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Careful folks, none of these platform will last, once you hit profit in addition to ROI, get out and never return, go to a new platform, there are a lot out there. If you’re still in and thinking it will still make you profit, that’s where you will loose your money. On Saturday, June 29, 2019, 10:52:22 AM EDT, NovaChain [email protected] wrote: Can’t see images? Click here… Loyalty Pool now live. Team NOVACHAIN! Today marks the epic release of the TREX Loyalty Pool. Our community of patient Read more […]

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This platform is not any better than arb token. in term of transparency is way weaker than, however update notification is more professional than But both are doing pretty much the same thing, trying to find new innovation ways to keep users investors interested to stay with them. Again, is more transparency than but it doesn’t mean that they won’t close down anytime soon, it could be Read more […]

What’s the latest with arb token platform?

After reviewing many youtube videos and many telegram arb related chat, and also from blogs and forums on the internet. There appears to be 80% to 90% said it’s a scam with long exiting scam strategy despite the fact that John Mcafee was somehow connected to arb token recently with the crypto credit card, apparently with that affiliation it still didn’t help arb token much. Youtubers that promote talk about arb token appears to be skeptical although don’t admit it. Read more […] latest news update “TUSD Pool set to redefine crypto investing”

While kept on updating news update on its users investors with new features, is pretty much doing the same but both platform appears to have problem paying properly. On Friday, June 21, 2019, 09:28:23 AM EDT, NovaChain [email protected] wrote: Can’t see images? Click here… TUSD Pool set to redefine crypto investing Dear NOVACHAIN Community, At long last the groundbreaking TUSD Pool has launched. We are thrilled to be pushing into new territory by bringing our Read more […] vs which one will exist longer? although both have problem paying at the moment, it’s not even near what their daily profit, about 7% of what they say if you can withdraw.

On Wednesday, June 12, 2019, 2:21:13 PM EDT, NovaChain [email protected] wrote: Can’t see images? Click here… T-REX Silver Flash Promo Team NOVACHAIN, As part of our renewed quest to become the next cryptocurrency trading bot leader, we’ve decided to roll-out spontaneous, discounted investing opportunities to reward the attentive community member. These random sales will give our loyal users a chance to generate amazing returns while saving money at the same time. Today is one of those days. Read more […] latest news update “T-REX Loyalty Plan: Goes Live Soon”

Are you ready to get scammed more? 🙂 On Monday, June 10, 2019, 05:55:06 PM EDT, NovaChain [email protected] wrote: Can’t see images? Click here… TREX Loyalty Plan: Goes Live Soon Team NOVACHAIN! We have some very exciting updates to share with you from NOVACHAIN HQ. In coordination with various crypto professionals in the space, we believe we’ve developed a unique solution to REX that our community will be very happy with. You can get answers to all of your burning questions and see how Read more […]

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On Saturday, June 8, 2019, 09:18:24 AM EDT, NovaChain [email protected] wrote: Can’t see images? Click here… Team NOVACHAIN! We fully acknowledge the difficulties REX has caused to our community and we have been diligently working overtime to solve them. Your trust and investments are extremely important to us. Our goal with providing a solution for REX is to make sure you end up making a profit. Essentially, we wanted to find a way to ‘give the store away’ without becoming insolvent. After Read more […]

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On Tuesday, June 4, 2019, 10:31:26 AM EDT, NovaChain [email protected] wrote: Can’t see images? Click here… Dear NOVACHAIN Community, Hot off the presses: Due to popular demand, we have decided to do a pre-launch of the T-REX Pool Silver Plan. The Silver Plan will go live today and provide users with better terms than our current 10 Day Plan. The contract length will be for 30 days. Payouts can be taken out on a daily basis as desired. The fees will be 25% of the profits and the reserve requirement Read more […]