This makes so much sense in life what you would encounter

People are going to die around you as the years go by, it’s inevitable.You have to spend money to live, regardless of perspective, make as much as you can.You are in complete control of your own life, you can blame others and people for situations but what you do next is on you.People you see as friends or family will not always have positive opinions of you.Your life will forever be changing, not many things in life stay permanent, don’t ever get too comfortable.Sooner or later, something in Read more […]

How to spot an online scam to your financial bank credit card account

Learn how to spot a scamScammers often pretend to be someone they’re not. They may trick you into providing information to gain access to your account. Get to know the following scams to help keep your accounts safe and secure. Online ShoppingA scammer sets up a fake online store and asks you to pay in ways other than a credit or debit card, leaving you without recourse when the item doesn’t arrive. Pay YourselfA person pretending to be a Chase employee asks you to transfer money to yourself Read more […]

LastPass got hacked? Re: Update on Recent Security IncidentLastPass got hacked?

Source code was accessed in an attempt to target an employee at LastPass, and from my personal opinion was to access the whole database, good thing look like LastPass caught it before further exploit. On Friday, December 23, 2022 at 09:23:45 AM EST, LastPass [email protected] wrote: LastPassDear LastPass Customer,  We recently notified you that an unauthorized party was able to gain access to a third-party cloud-based storage service which is used by LastPass to store backups. Earlier Read more […]

you just got paid Equifax Breach Settlement Fund has sent you $5.21 USD

Equifax Breach Settlement Fund has sent you $5.21 USD. Note from Equifax Breach Settlement Fund: quoteNote: This is your payment for the Equifax Data Breach Settlement claim filed between July 22, 2019 and January 22, 2020. The Settlement Administrator cannot provide tax advice. You may want to consult your financial or tax advisor with regards to the tax treatment of this Settlement payment if you have tax-related questions. Read more […]

DIY thermostat for your diesel air heater? not a good idea

You might have watched a bunch of videos on youtube on how to add a thermostat to your diesel air heater using some timer relay delay switch, it’s not a good idea. Why? because it will not work properly. The problem is the heater start up time took 5 minutes and shut off time also took 5 minutes and together you’re looking at 10 minutes of time, and if you add a thermostat to turn it off and on, apparently as you can see this will not work. Let say you set it at 70 degree to turn on and when the Read more […] to allow withdrawal of your funds in your wallets soon but not your interest account though

What does this mean? Basically mean if you have funds in your blockfi interest account, the account that earn interest, you will not be able to withdraw this. You can withdraw funds only from your non-interest account wallets. This news is not so great because the majority of people have blockfi account don’t have fund just sitting in their wallet doing nothing, most likely it’s in the interest account, earning interest and this cannot be withdraw, and who knows when will it ever be allowed even Read more […]

Diesel heater exhaust heat for heating water? Don’t do it!

If you have one of those Chinese diesel heater so call parking car truck rv air heater, and thinking of the hot exhaust hose can be use to heat water or create more heat etc. think again. I did the experiment and didn’t work. I have watched many youtube videos with many youtube videos showing how to do it, but I never seen them really do a stress test, all they did was a 15 mins test or 1 hour test. I did my test with various heat exchanger or so call car egr heat exchanger or even a pool heat Read more […]

No more bill pay via crypto “We will be temporarily suspending Bill Pay in the US”

On Friday, December 9, 2022 at 11:30:37 AM EST, Thomas [email protected] wrote: Bitrefill LogoLive on Crypto Dear Thong, Unfortunately, we will be suspending our US Bill Pay service due to an issue with our current integration partner. We are working on the payments infrastructure and will relaunch an improved Bill Pay service in the near future. If you have made a payment recently, it will still be processed within 3 business days. We will not be processing any additional payments Read more […]