Running multiple Bitcore BTX masternode on a single VPS?

Updated 5/5/2020 The short answer is yes it’s possible but it depend on your hardware and software confirguration. In general running a masternode can be expensive due to the monthly rent of the VPS from a Datacenter like DigitalOcean Vultr Hostinger and so on, there might be cheaper one but we don’t know how reliable, since MasterNode required stability uptime of 24/24, any interruption can make you Read more […]

How to setup Bitcore BTX master node to do “staking”?

Updated May 2nd 2020. There was some chain issue, please refer to this link to fix. This is a fix only not the whole installation process of the MasterNode. Ok so let one thing correct, Bitcore BTX staking? No, it’s actually running master node (MN) “Masternodes and Staking while usually implemented together, are actually completely separate consensus mechanisms. … They both accomplish distributed consensus via locking of “stake” ,which acts like collateral that they will not attack the Read more […] latest news YoBit Pump in 16 hrs!

Careful folks, get in and get out quick no longer really work if you think you can get in quick and get out quick will earn you some profit but careful again, that method no longer work because it’s easy to get in quick but get out quick is not happening. On Tuesday, April 28, 2020, 07:23:30 PM EDT, Yobit Mailer <[email protected]> wrote: yobit.netYoPony & Weekly YoPump in 16 hours! Dear YoBit Users! One of these coins will be pumped for 5 btc in 1 min after race finish: 1 Pony: Yobix2 Read more […]

Bitcoin halving is 15 days away what will happen to the price?

Well there are mix opinions on this. Some think nothing will happen, some think the price will go up and then some think the price will do down. Just to summarize this event so call “bitcoin halving” meaning the block mined reduced from 25 to maybe 11 Bitcoin reward, so it will take more effort power to mine the block and the reward is only 11 Bitcoin, decreased from 25. I think the price will remain the same, it will behave and react as it does today trending with the stock market pretty much Read more […]

How to install Ethereum 2.0 staking (POS) and running it on testnet prysm goerli.

The installation is relatively simple to me, and I think if I can do it, anyone can do it with a little bit of computer knowledge. If you don’t like reading especially from my writing, you youtube I’m using an old computer sitting around, it’s a Core2 vPro with 4GB Ram, 160GB hard drive. I installed Ubuntu 18.04.4 desktop version. Then I installed SSH server, then install git and curl just in case you don’t have it because it is Read more […]

Are you ready for Ethereum 2.0 POS does this mean no more mining Ethereum after June 2020 golive?

Short answer is No more mining Ethereum. According to article published on stackexchange ” Can you still mine ethereum after POS?When Ethereum switch to PoS (proof of stake) you can’t mine, Ethereum won’t be minable anymore, instead, those who are holding Ethereum Tokens (Ether) will be responsible for verifying transactions, by holding their Ether for a long period, and they get paid for doing this.Jul 9, 2017 ” Read more […]

Scam phishing email hacker pretend to be yahoo support “Mailbox Closure”

Be careful folks the following email or similar one been circulating the internet and many yahoo account email users got this in their inbox. Do not fall for this trick, it’s a phishing scam email trying to steal your personal identity information. Some people have yahoo email for a very long time and switching email is not an alternative because since you have it for a very long time, and also switching to another email provider like gmail isn’t any different because the same thing can happen Read more […]

How to backup and restore your Bitcore BTX QT upgrade wallet

First of all, do not worry about about getting hack or loss your funds of BTX Bitcore if you encrypted your wallet and back it up offline like on CD Rom multiple one, USB drive I do not trust it so much because it does not have long shelf life. I do not recall QT have seeds words directly, but you can do it indirectly though which is a bit complicated. So once again you should always have a copy of your wallet.dat file for your Bitcore QT wallet and ensure it is encrypted and above all remember Read more […]

New Bitcore BTX QT wallet odarhom Connecting to peers …. problem issue?

Easy fix if you have Windows 7 64 bit, just right click and run this wallet as Administrator. First of all, Bitcore BTX is not the same as Bitcoin Core, these two are different. BTX is Bitcore, and Bitcoin Core is Bitcoin I believe this is a known thing, not really an issue or problem, but the way the app software was created all QT related wallet probably not a windows approved application to be run without Administrative right would required to be manually Read more […]

Teaching kids to save Bitcoin as investment is not a bad idea

Currently April 2020 and Bitcoin is almost 11 years old. Bitcoin has its up and down, but it had gained popularity over the years as alternative investments to the traditional market like stocks, index funds, 401k, and so on. The technology behind Bitcoin is blockchain, and it is no doubt stable, real, transparent, and so on … Bitcoin is running on the blockchain. So the question is, is teaching kids to save Bitcoin as investment is a good idea? I think so. Because in the early day year 2009, Read more […]