Stellar lumens XLM airdrop from keybase success “1 new ENCRYPTED message from spacedrop”

Look like keybase did airdrop to legitimate users successfully. Do not bother to create multiple account, chances are you will get flagged detected and your account will sit in disqualified status for the airdrop. It’s not that hard to create multiple accounts using multiple IP from proxies to VPN to static VPS data center business IP, using voip phone # like google voice, multiple phone # multiple identity ID stolen or your friends and relatives, chances are you will get flagged and get disqualified. Read more […]

Don’t bother creating new keybase account for Stellar Lumens XLM airdrop “Disabling Inflation, Meridian Speakers, and CEO Denelle Dixon Answers Your Questions”

On Friday, October 11, 2019, 11:17:17 AM EDT, Stellar. org Team [email protected] wrote: View this email in your browser Monthly Roundup – September 2019 Stellar Ecosystem Updates The Stellar Development Foundation is collaborating with Blockchain Academy Mexico to offer new educational opportunities around building on Stellar. Blockchain Academy Mexico is the first institution in Mexico focused on developing and building an innovative entrepreneurial ecosystem, new business models, and initiatives Read more […]

Don’t bother to create new or github account to get stellar lumens XLM airdrop, only old users qualified

For the news about XLM stellar lumens coins airdrop, only old users of qualified for the free airdrop, so don’t waste your time creating new account and github account, new account created after September 9th (accouncement date) will not be qualified ever, even if you kept the account active for months after, don’t expect you will get qualified. This airdrop is only for old existing users created before September 9th 2019, and the account must have 3 devices actively installed, Read more […]

Phishing email on fake “Congratulations, claim here your lumens.” stellar lumens XLM coins airdrop

The new third wave of XLM stellar lumens is real, but a lot of email are fake, phishing email that will steal your original XLM holding, do not fall for this. Like email below, if your spam email didn’t filter it out, you will get similar email below, if you mouse over the link it is not email address and it will take you to a replica website that will steal whatever you typed on it, even visiting the website the hacker got your IP location and more detail for them to track who you are Read more […]

More XLM Stellar luments coin airdrop? “Onboarding everyone,” a Giant Space Drop, and Identicons!

On Monday, September 9, 2019, 05:51:24 PM EDT, Stellar. org Team [email protected] wrote: View this email in your browser Monthly Roundup August 2019 Stellar Ecosystem Updates Megha Bambra, the Technical Lead for StellarX, talks about onboarding everyone and the StellarX mission. SDF Board Director and Stanford professor David Mazières co-wrote an SOSP Paper about global payments on the Stellar network. This paper will appear at the 27th ACM Symposium on Operating Systems Principles in October. Read more […]

Latest Stellar coin XLM ” Stellar Roundup – June 2019″

On Friday, June 28, 2019, 05:18:54 PM EDT, Stellar. org Team [email protected] wrote: View this email in your browser Monthly Roundup June 2019 Stellar Ecosystem Updates “We envision a world where value can be transferred anywhere, without the friction of borders.” Our CEO Denelle Dixon outlines SDF’s plan for the future: The network has been upgraded to Protocol 11. Learn more about what this upgrade means for Stellar. We have released Read more […]

Latest stellar coins news update “Stellar Roundup – May 2019” xlm

On Monday, May 20, 2019, 4:08:05 PM EDT, Stellar. org Team [email protected] wrote: View this email in your browser Monthly Roundup May 2019 Stellar Ecosystem Updates Wirex has announced the launch of 26 fiat-backed stablecoins on the Stellar Network. Read more here. Keybase + StellarStellar is now live on Keybase for everyone! You can read the full blog here. Paysend announces launch of global stablecoin. Read more here. Coinsquare now supports Stellar! Read the full release here. IBM Stellar Read more […]

Good news for Stellar coins (XLM) ? “IBM’s Blockchain is Live and Bank Stablecoins Are Coming “

According to an article in Medium Look like there are some more good news for Stellar coin XLM. It appears that in the Cryptocurrencies history, the only coin that airdropped and completed the airdrop and continue to become popular and continue to get adopted by big companies such as IBM is Stellar XLM. There were many airdropped coins in the past, but after the airdrop the coins value Read more […]

Latest news and update from “Stellar and Coinbase Earn” Keep your eye open for free stellar coins

After reviewing this article, one thing is “we’ve committed 1 billion XLM to Earn, 100% of which will go to users. We’ll start by rolling out to qualifying users in the US, and we will keep you posted as we expand this to more areas” keep your eye open, more free stellar coins, but I don’t know if this will impact stellar coin price pre and post go live on this event. I had some free stellar before for holding some bitcoin wallet and when the price of cryptos was high, it looks nice balance, Read more […]

Latest stellar coin xlm lumen update “Stellar Roundup – March 2019”

On Friday, March 15, 2019, 1:22:46 PM EDT, Stellar. org Team [email protected] wrote: View this email in your browser Monthly Roundup March 2019 Stellar Ecosystem Updates Denelle Dixon, Mozilla COO, is becoming SDF’s new Executive Director. We’re thrilled to have her lead Stellar through its next phase of growth. We are excited to reveal the new Stellar logo and branding. Read the full press release here. The Stellar Development Foundation has released its 2019 Roadmap. This year the roadmap Read more […]