What’s the latest and greatest at arbitraging.co arb platform? where are they now? what’s next?

It’s been a while, so what’s the latest with the arb platform, arbitraging.co? According to existing websites and social media that talk about arbitraging.co ponzi scheme scam – short anwser, they’re still online, but still selling and withdrawal is next to impossible, but investing is 100% possible flawlessly working, you can send your money Ethereum Bitcoin to arbitraging.co arb token platform without any issue, but making a profit and selling it to withdraw is next to impossible, what does this tell you? Scam? This has been going on since December 10th 2018 and today is May 23rd 2019 over six months and counting.

According to a few blogs and telegram chat group, aside from the trade pro in development as they’ve been announcing for 3 months now, still nothing for users, except to follow the telegram group name “trade pro signal …” which is no idea who they are or if they’re affiliated to arbitraging.co arb token, most likely they are, because they’re providing signal to trade pro trade, but if you follow their signal notification you would see clearly holding a coin like bitcoin or ethereum or other top 10 coins will yield higher profit than using trade pro signal (bitmex) you will also find on their telegram chat group that they mentioned “not all trade yield profit”, bottom line on trade pro signal telegram chat room we have no idea who these people are, and I mean no idea zip zero nothing nada, they can trick and lure you to do certain and trade and wallah they did the opposite and they make profit and disappear into the unknown, no one and I mean no one will be able to trace who they are, not even telegram owner, it’s worst than scam ponzi hyip website. The biggest thing about trade pro also is are you really willing to give out your api key to your actual exchange platform like bitmex coinbase kraken binance and so on? do you know what api key can do? – it will allow whoever have the api key to be able to withdraw your coins, let put it that way, so be careful.

Based on what I’ve seen and read on telegram chat group and blogs, there was a picture posted by John Mcafee on his official twitter showing David Peterson (Jeremy …) his wife and another one or two people known to arbitraging.co arb token platform, showing a credit card (visa master) saying it’s a no KYC (know your customer) credit card can be use anywhere world wide. So does this credit card different than others from coinbase and so on? – well they said it’s no kyc, well I can tell you that there are a tons of others visa and master gifts card have no kyc either, maybe just a phone # and bogus address anyone can obtain one with cryptos such as Bitcoin Cash Ethereum and so on, and can spend it anywhere. I don’t get what’s the different John Mcafee cryptos credit card different from others? why couldn’t he do something else differently than the already existing Cryptos credit card.

Arbitraging.co ARB token platform official telegram chat group had been closed for a while, you can still go in and join but you will not be able to type anything, it’s locked a month ago due to the fact that people are upset and voicing the truth, but unfortunately all got deleted, banned, and eventually the whole telegram chat group closed locked from anyone making any comments other than the admins. A few other telegram chat group that tied to arbitraging.co arb token platform also got too much truth voice from investors and users and eventually banned users and closed and locked as well. The last two arbitraging.co arb platform still allow users to talk are the Love and the new official arbitraging.co arb token platform. The latest arbitraging.co arb platform official telegram chat group appears to have someone claim to be David Peterson’s wife as one of the admin. A few minutes after the new telegram group opened, tons of people pouring in and no surprise so does a few upset users customers that loss their money on arbitraging.co arb token platform also went in and voice their truth real opinion and sadly it’s back to square one, users got banned.

There was one news announcement made earlier today about the crypto credit card starting to accept applications but it’s not official, and who knows if it will be official and how it will work? My guess is that, if this crypto credit card indeed work and allow existing users investors from arb token platform to obtain one, chances are you may have to provide some of your personal information otherwise I don’t know how would any credit card work without your address to validate your identity, it will be interesting for sure. So let say the crypto credit card work, how would arb users investors add balance to it? use your arb token at 5 cent per arb? what will happen to abot? mbot? vault? tradepro?

Lastly I just want to point out the fact that John Mcafee in the past had said many things that never came true, no different than arbitraging.co arb token platform owner David Peterson. John Mcafee said that he will eat his **** on live television if Bitcoin doesn’t hit $1million in a couple years, well folks I think a couple years came and go, and at the moment Bitcoin is at $6500, it’s not $1million, how is it going to hit $1million? John Mcafee and David Peterson pretty much same, they say many things tied to innovation, game changer, and a tons other things that never came true. What arbitraging.co arb token succeed was the first six months of flawless profit and withdrawal, this is just like any other ponzi scheme scam hyip (high yield investment program) out there, will work for the first few months then go bye bye, some ended even faster, some take a long time to end, for arbitraging.co arb token platform still online but it will end, no one know when, but it will end with everyone at the moment money sitting pending cannot withdraw or sell, locked, but sending them money work flawlessly. That’s right, you can send money to arbitraging.co arb token platform without any issue, but your money will get locked, stuck, next to impossible to withdraw refund or request any support that tied to withdrawal. It’s been over 6 months and I hope everyone done their research before putting any money into this platform, it’s already over 6 months ago, right now they’re just playing around with you and your money as it doesn’t take much of their time and at the same time improving their skills on how to scam more people.

Be careful folks, never ever invest money on these type of platform, unless you’re a big risk taker and have lots of luck where you enter and exit at the right time that would make you profit. And never invest money you cannot afford to loose. Better to spend that $250 of yours on your family and love one nice dinner or something, you will have more friends and love from them, not from these ponzi scheme scam.