Ethereum ETH recent news are positive boosting its price value

If you’re monitoring Ethereum price, notice the spike up and down, but just within a couple days the price of ETH sky rocketed and no, it’s not the help of Bitcoin. This time Ethereum did it by itself due to positive news. A few positive news for Ethereum boosting its price tied to some exchange in China adding Ethereum to its exchange, although there are some exchange already had done that, just not the major big exchange in China. Another positive news is “China’s Interest and Investment in Read more […]

Ethereum will sky rocket in the next few days or perhaps even weeks June 2017

Ethereum will sky rocket in the next few days or perhaps even weeks June 2017 why? Simple answer, surprisingly as popular as it is with Ethereum still many popular cryptos coins exchange in China have not listed Ethereum yet, that soon to change as many news media reported that they have confirmation that popular exchange such as Huobi wil list ETH as one of the exchange cryptos to trade. I think this news will boost Ethereum price up, volume up, popularity up and everything about Ethereum up. When Read more […]

Yahoo phishing scam fraud email Mailbox shutdown (do not ignore)

Here’s the latest scam fraud phishing email attempt from hackers to steal your personal information. The email below as you can see from [email protected] the name tied to some asian or indonesian nationalities and if you search by the name it will take you some site like this “” Read more […]

Yahoo email phishing scam Apple ID

Yet another phishing email into your yahoo email inbox. If you don’t have antivirus scan email or desktop antivirus malware chances are when you open this email the file attachment or link you clicked on might already have a hacker  tool program installed installed in the background you might not be aware or easily known. Might be too late, but you could run virus scan to check. It’s better to have more than 1 or 2 anti virus malwares programs to protect your computer. From: AppIe ID <[email protected]> To: Read more […]

One day before Memorial Day Holiday in the USA Ethereum and Bitcoin continue to move up

As Memorial Day Holiday in the USA approaching tomorrow Monday 5/30 Ethereum and Bitcoin continue to show its power moving upward but not as much as previous week. Currently it’s weakening but eventually I believe it will go up again. Realistically we can guess when it will go up in the next day or two but we don’t know how much. However it could also be 100% down or 100% up, that’s how volatile it is at the moment. When it’s volatile, good for day trade. My guess is that Bitcoin will continue Read more […]

Donald Trump obviously have a tough guy attitude more like a jerk some say

Donald Trump obviously have a tough guy attitude more like a jerk some say Take a look at this video below, you can do this to your friend that you know for a long time, but even for world leader or representative of certain countries, this is not a good thing to do. “What is wrong with this man?” as one comment. [tubepress mode=”tag” tagValue=”donald trump push away”]

Bitcoin and Ethereum price correction started

It appears that Ethereum and Bitcoin started its trend back down. Many people mentioned that both are over priced, and especially Ethereum analyst are saying it will have a 38% price correction happening. The cause for spike in recent days for Bitcoin and Ethereum analyst think due to the Chinese market. Chinese switched over to invest in Bitcoin instead of the traditional stocks and savings, causing the price to surge as more buy volume than sell volume. However that is about to end, as Chinese Read more […]

Nissan Quest code P0340 P0345 scan just replace all three sensors

If you have a Nissan Quest, in my case I have a 2005 Nissan Quest, one day the engine start stalling and service engine light came on with a bunch of other like the TCS SLIP. Then when I tried to start the engine again, it cranked for a very long time but it does start and probably safe to drive for short distance like home or automotive shop. When I plug in the odb2 scanners and scan it, I get error codes like the P0340 P0345 and these tied to the camshaft position sensors. Sometime only one, Read more […]

Could terrorist attack be prevented at Ariana Grande concert in Manchester?

First of all, my heart goes out to all the victims and their families at Ariana Grande concert Manchester. These victims are mostly in the youth and children. I have kids of my own and I know how it’s like with your children around you daily and I can’t imagine not having them around you the next day. Rest in peace all the victims. Now back to the question, could the attack be prevented? I think so yes. I believe their are enough security people there should have done a thorough search of Read more […]

Possibilities of Bitcoin will crash in the next coming weeks

As of today, there are reports from multiple news media that talks about bitcoins indicated the Chinese market had pushed Bitcoin and Ethereum price up. Chinese market people as investors are moving away from the traditional market of stocks and other investments funds to cryptos currencies thus pushing the price up super high, in fact 300% increased already within the year 2017, although prediction was made $2000 for Bitcoin price by the end of 2017. As it already happened in the past, Chinese Read more […]