My daily routine now after early retirement

Sort of retirement, not fully. My daily routine, first thing in the morning woke up checked all my computers servers ensure it’s running. Check email and my favorite websites for updates. Take kids to school, back at the computer for a little bit, then do some work in the garage, and then back on the computers work, then work on personal projects, pick up kids from school, do some house work such as cooking. For the next few weeks I will be focusing on more work with websites, I have a few other Read more […] BRO a scam to be?

Updated: 5/30/2017 – As time goes by, based on the latest posts on many forums including bitcointalk and official site itself, users are loosing faith on this project More and more users are loosing faith and hope that BRO coin will be the next big thing.The concept sounds cool, but both miner (radio listeners to earn coins) and crowd sale purchased folks are loosing hope faith, they’re selling BRO coins as fast as they can at the moment, however there doesn’t appear to be any Read more […] scam yet?

Short Answer: YES it’s a scam. Based on many crypto currencies forums including indicated that this is a scam. One of the indication is that it’s new and already have a lot of transactions under the payout link tied to blockchain. The minimum payout does not match with the amount transacted constantly with the historical transactions showing up in blockchain, people are speculating it’s fake or manipulated with a script or simply a mining wallet that pay users for actual mining Read more […]

Bitcoin is up and Ethereum is down

Well today Bitcoin moving upward for no apparent reason according to google news feed. Unless the reason is because Japan had permitted the existent of Bitcoin as a currency people can use in Japan. That news was back in the end of March, actually few days ago. I noticed the trend between Bitcoin and Ethereum. It almost seems like people dumping ETH to buy BTC, because Bitcoin goes and Ethereum went down big time. When BTC down, ETH goes up. However what I also noticed is when BTC kept on rising, Read more […] scam yet?

Short answer: YES, it’s a scam, no one can prove or can provide proof that it’s legitimate. Earning balance requested payout but no one can provide proof any transactions to the users members. So most likely it’s bait to lure and get people buy or pay or invest in some bitcoin. Those whom invest say good bye to your Bitcoin money.

New crypto coin launching

I don’t know much about this, I found it on thebot net website and then did some initial research and appears to be legit for now based on bitcointalk forum. I gave it a tried, been running for 15 minutes now, let see if within 24hrs I will get any coins and see if those coins worth anything at all converting to bitcoin. If you would like to try, go here