Slow painful exit scam arb token for users investors how long will it last?

How many users are really active now in chatting in arb token telegram chat group? I think only a few, maybe 100 or less.

How many investors are actually checking their account daily? I think less than 2000, maybe 1000. This is based on how many users are in the actual telegram chat group that is not the original official chat group, only 1000 users on at least 2 channels, and only a dozen or so actively participate in chatting.

Will the owners or staffs of arb token fix the price between into abot and out of abot to sell for ETH and withdrawal? I don’t think so, because the arb token platform is a loss now because of no new investors, only old investors that already have ROI, and these old investors that have ROI just playing around joking trying to keep it alive so they can profit more if new investors fall victims to this platform without knowing. On top of that, the old and existing current investors accumulated so much arb token now that it will be a big loss for arb platform if they were to switch back to normal mode. So it’s next to impossible for those folks that accumulated so much arbs thinking it will rise to 50 cent or even a dollar one day for them sell, it’s not going to happen if you do the math. It’s been over 6 months now.

What are the status of the news? all news are just news to keep users investors stay calm and slowly get used to the exit scam process, slowly, slowly, and once everyone loss interest and left, the platform will disappear. As of today May 5th 2019, even at a loss some investors users tried to sell and withdraw their arb seems impossible, some took 10 days+, some never go through, this is withdrawing ARB to local wallet and to external exchange wallet, and selling arb to ETH seems impossible and painful due to limited trade and price different and off course the GAS fees, then finally if any arb internal exchange to ETH successfully does not mean you will get your ETH into your wallet, it could get stuck for days weeks and sometime never get to wallet. ARB just making it hard difficult for users to do anything so that they will loose interest slowly and eventually gave up and leave, self exist scam.

What happened to all the supporters and promoters of ARB plaform 90% of them left, disappeared, youtube videos deleted, profiles deleted, socially media blog post deleted, gone with the wind no trace. The other 10% still have hope, pop in and out once in a while in Telegram chat room and update youtube once in a while but you can tell they’re loosing interest as well, and know it’s a exit scam just that they don’t want to admit because they still have hope in the outside but inside they cussing at it silently. One thing to keep in mind, do the math, it’s been 6 months+ and counting, think of how much each users investors are accumulating ARB tokens? there is no way now that the price will ever rise up again because there will be a big massive sell and no buyer, and I mean no buyers, why would anyone want to buy based on the facts over these 6 months period how ARB token are performing? you can bitcoin and so on, but ARB? I don’t think so, don’t compare it to Bitcoin drop and rise, it’s not the same as ARB.

When will ARB token complete exit scam? I don’t think anyone know, I doubt even the owners or staffs of ARB token platform know either. No one know. However I think the exit scam will ride out complete by itself, no one need to press any button, just let it run and eventually users investors will drop off. Again, nothing anyone can do, forget about reporting to FTC, police, FBI, authorities, they’re not going to do anything unless you can proof you invested millions based on bank account transactions, look at bitconnect, did anyone get arrested? not yet? yeah sure.

What do do now with your ARB token account balance? You could try to withdraw your ARB to external exchange, and sell whatever you have, chances are will be between 5-10% of your balance if you’re lucky, let say you have $10K, you will be able to recover $1k to $2k the most, your loss of $8k to $9k, some even can only get 1%. You shouldn’t hold at this point, because the fact that it’s been over 6 months and counting, a lot of investors now are accumulating so much arb that when they do massive sell it will push the price down even lower than a penny. The chances of this ARB token platform price rise again back to the normal $5 is next to impossible at this point, maybe between a penny to 10 cent the most, it just not possible because the massive accumulated arb tokens by users investors will trigger massive sell off even if the price move up a penny it will trigger sell sell sell. Forget about vault , mbot, trade pro, auction, those are just tricks and lure to lock your ARBs, especially TradePro – are you sure you want to give ARB your API key? do you know what API access can do to your account? – do your research about giving out your API key, let me make it simple, your house key or code, you give out your house key or code to stranger and what do you think they can do?