How to setup Bitcore BTX master node to do “staking”?

Updated May 2nd 2020. There was some chain issue, please refer to this link to fix. This is a fix only not the whole installation process of the MasterNode.

Ok so let one thing correct, Bitcore BTX staking? No, it’s actually running master node (MN) “Masternodes and Staking while usually implemented together, are actually completely separate consensus mechanisms. … They both accomplish distributed consensus via locking of “stake” ,which acts like collateral that they will not attack the network, and get rewards for verifying transactions.”

So Bitcore BTX Master Node, how to set it up and make some Bitcore BTX? Yes, I did it and it is running. There’s a guide written on reddit I believe by one of the developer “” I followed this direction and it’s pretty straight forward, although I know a bit or two about computers. What I don’t get is can I run the server on my personal computer (desktop ubuntu) using my ISP internet, or does it have to be a VPS rented from DigitalOcean Vultr or whatever? I will test that later. The other question I have also is, does the Wallet need to be on at all time, I know the server is running in the background, so I’m assuming the wallet have to be on at all time also. The wallet I installed on a laptop windows 7 computer, the server running the master node vps I use $10 a month plan.

You do need 2100 BTX to start, I’m not sure if I have more than 2100, but will look into that. So is it profitable? I think if you already hold BTX, I think you can make more that’s as far as I can say safely, because it really up to the price, I mean Bitcore BTC price airdrop was at $32 at one point and then it dropped down to less than $1 after the airdrop the price reflected to Bitcoin price went up to $20k and down to $5k down 3/4. Right now BTX Bitcore is at 22 cent.

From I see, look like Bitcore BTC have active developers working on their road-map, some missed, some hit, but they are working on it. Although the Bitcore BTX coin was almost at top 100 coins during the airdrop but now it sitting around 500s, some days 400s.

A few questions and answer on reddit:

I have a few questions. I’m new. I got one MasterNode running. My questions are:

Is more than 2100 BTX allow? – only 2100 BTX per Masternode

Is it possible to run on a home desktop PC ubuntu computer instead of VPS like vultr? – It’s important to have a static IPv4 address and that your PC runs 24/7

Does the Bitcore BTX wallet have to be on all the time running the MasterNodes? – No, wallet can be closed

Subset of question 3) Can the wallet be installed on the same VPS computer running ubuntu masternode? – It’s recommended to run your wallet on your PC, but sure you can run your wallet on every PC/Server.

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  1. T Tran, [29.04.20 15:54]
    is more than 2100btx ok to run masternode? or cap at 2100btx?
    Ivan Ubikalo, [29.04.20 16:11]
    Exact 2100 per masternode. No more no less

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