Introducing 0% Interest Equal Monthly Payments on your Amazon Store Card or Amazon Credit Builder

I think this is a really good idea from Amazon credit card offer. Make it simple, don’t have to waste time sending out offers when it’s available, why not just default it. Kudo to On Wednesday, June 26, 2019, 08:37:03 PM EDT, Amazon. com Store Card [email protected] wrote: Available on qualifying purchases of $150 or more Email Security Zone: Thong Tran For your account ending in: 7392 Synchrony Bank STORE CARD STORE CARD Introducing 0% Read more […]

Tax is due in less than 3 days if you trade Bitcoin BTC or other Cryptos file your tax and pay for the profit or claim loss

Let first start by saying you have less than 3 days to complete your 2018 tax return filing, it is due by midnight on Monday April 15th 2019. If you don’t file by then you will be charge with late fees and interest on your return payment to the IRS. However it is better to file accurately then filing it incorrectly especially lying will get you in bigger trouble than not filing at all. By now, people that had been into Cryptos for more than a year should know that filing Bitcoin BTC and other Read more […]

$10 device that can help you listen to anything anywhere via your mobile phone

“N9 2 Mic Automatic Monitoring Listening Devices in Acoustic Alarm Mini Elderly and Children Caring Device Voice System” 45dB audio and away 4meter if there are sound it will call you and and you can listen in. Basically the way this device work is, you can place it anywhere and when it detect audio or any sound that is 45dB or so, it will dial your mobile phone and you can listen in. So I think this is a great device, it’s small compact and rechargeable or you can plug into any typical phone Read more […]

Free one year Webhosting with cPanel

If you have a domain sitting around and don’t know what to do with it, maybe it’s time to build a website, and what’s better than FREE, because I came across an email today giving free website hosting for 1st year then $25 yearly after that. I signed up here and appears to be legit and Free as follow: Product/Service – Special Web Hosting Package DescriptionServices: 5Gbps DDoS Protected Special Web Hosting Promotion: FREE for the FIRST Read more […]

Why you should not trust social media business or fan page…

Let say you recently found a really good site and they have social media such as facebook, instagram, telegram, discord, youtube and so on. So you feel comfortable trusting them right? WRONG! Let start by saying that, all these top popular social media account here one day and gone the next day, on top of that how would you know what was said written is true? on their social media site? Bottom line, these social media account be created very easily and anonymously without a trace to the original Read more […] belong to is it part of business

Just in case you don’t know this but belong to AMAZON.COM For me I’ve purchased many items from with super great deals, sometime I buy large volume to resell them on ebay or local classifieds ads like craigslist or letgo later in the future where no longer have it in stock or the price on went back to normal meaning I purchased for 50% off half price, then when the price goes back to normal, I sell it cheaper than amazon 1-5% cheaper on ebay and local adv. Below Read more […]

One day before Memorial Day Holiday in the USA Ethereum and Bitcoin continue to move up

As Memorial Day Holiday in the USA approaching tomorrow Monday 5/30 Ethereum and Bitcoin continue to show its power moving upward but not as much as previous week. Currently it’s weakening but eventually I believe it will go up again. Realistically we can guess when it will go up in the next day or two but we don’t know how much. However it could also be 100% down or 100% up, that’s how volatile it is at the moment. When it’s volatile, good for day trade. My guess is that Bitcoin will continue Read more […]

Scottrade Hacked?

There has been some hacking going on. Few days ago, T-Mobile especially from UK, data were compromised by hackers, some US based customers might be impacted also. Then today, just now I’ve received an email from Scottrade, which I have a stock trading account there for a while, but not active for a while. It’s great that these companies are notifying the customers, but I think they could done better to prevent being hacked, data leakage and so on. Especially for Scottrade and any financial institution. I Read more […]

Ebay store subscription seeing new feature ebay Seller Hub

Ebay recently just sent email notification to most if not all ebay seller whom have some kind of subscription to their services. For me, I do have the $15 a month cheap services with them, but I can tell you it doesn’t protect you at all from people giving you negative feedback. Other than that it does protect you from scammer. *** Once I want to make it clear. No matter what services you subscribed to Ebay. Ebay does not protect you from negative feedback given by others *** totally no protect Read more […]

Got approved for AmazonBusiness account

On my previous blog entry in regard to AmazonBusiness account. Doesn’t look like it take 2 to 3 business days for review and approval for AmazonBusiness account. I got approved in less than an hour. Now let see what I can do with it. I’m thinking of getting good discount on products to upgrade and keep my small business running, perhaps also on great deals for resell? probably not. Anyhow, it’s faster than I’ve expected. Below are the email I got an hour later after requesting for AmazonBusiness.   Welcome Read more […]