Technology Credit Union Non sufficient fund charged mercy?

*** updated 12/30/2015 – Technology Credit Union refunded me the $28, with a warning email indicating that it’s the only time they will do it for me, any further charge will not be reversed 🙂   I’ve made a mistake of miscalculating the deposit of $1000 fund availability to my Bank. In this case, it’s Technology credit union, also known as TechCU. As a result I was charged with two $28 NSF fees. It was my mistake, I admitted. However it was just one day, well! mistake is a mistake Read more […]

Paypal Cash Back rewards changes as of February 1, 2016

Just in case you missed this email from Paypal. More of for Business account with a Debit Mastercard. I’ve took advantage of the cash back reward over the past few months for making purchase with Paypal Smartconnect, however this is not appear to be for Paypal Smartconnect, this is actual Paypal account with a debit card. So probably doesn’t impact too many people if they’re making purchase at all with a Paypal Debit card. Basically negative changes, not beneficial for the users, but probably better Read more […]

Watch out for Hertz Rental Car toll fees service charge from Platepass

It was a surprised to me when I got a bill for $30 from Platepass. I noticed it link to my rental car with Hertz in San Francisco Bay area. I rented a Jeep for 4 days. I went to San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge once, and I noticed there wasn’t a toll person so I can pay the toll, but instead it appears to be automated somehow. The toll maybe $7 or less. However I got charged from Platepass for $30. What a ripped off huh? Well apparently, Hertz partnership with Platepass and somewhere hidden Read more […]

What is going on with Bitcoin price sky rocketing toward end of 2015?

Well let keep it simple as that and not question eh? It’s going up, what else you want to ask? ah ok, why? simple answer, we don’t know! 🙂 other than the fact more buy than sell, hopefully people will continue to hold them not getting in and getting out to make a profit. The best time to buy Bitcoin is now? yes, buy bitcoin anytime. Bitcoin in the future will only go up in value. Bitcoin volume is limited and in the past years, and going basis, people misplaced their bitcoin, server crashed, Read more […]