EarnHoney.com DoGoodMedia “Request #38: How would you rate the support you received?”

EarnHoney.com support non-existent. Earnhoney OptinCoin Scam? non-existent one way to get user to get paid with the virtual currency and got stuck with it. Users whom got paid with OptinCoin are stuck with the token for years and no new development on this or about this at all. When users asked questions about this token OptinCoin the support team did not respond, or if the DooGoodMedia Earnhoney.com support exist at all? could it be true that Earnhoney.com only have 1 or 2 employees? On Read more […]

All passive beermoney no longer feasible to run or work especially perktv

I wonder if there are people still running beermoney weather passively semi-passive? Eventually they will all collapsed. Perk.tv was among the strongest, like swagbucks and earnhoney, all will collapsed sooner or later. Some people still doing koinme.com hope one day that they will come back and pay, but if koinme.com come back and pay, most likely it will be paying to selective users, not everyone will get paid, that’s for sure. Hopefully people don’t rely on these beermoney as their source of Read more […]

Walmart credit card “Synchrony Bank” website will be down

Just in case you use Walmart credit card and maybe other credit card by Synchrony Bank may be down as well for maintenance. By the way using Walmart credit card to purchase items from Walmart and get credit when price drop of the items you have purchased. It’s awesome. I bought a TV and got 2 credits already because the price dropped. To report a lost or stolen card, please call us at 866-611-1148. This site will be down the evening of September 20th AND from 3:00 PM ET October 10th thru Read more […]

Latest update from ebay “Updates to the eBay User Agreement”

If you use eBay, might be a good idea to review latest update to user agreement. Nothing major, but if you done lots of selling or buying, might want to review it. Better be sure than sorry. On Saturday, September 14, 2019, 11:52:45 PM EDT, eBay [email protected] wrote: Learn about updates we’re making to your eBay User Agreement eBay View in Browser Dear , At eBay, we strive to make our policies clear and our services easy to use. As part of that commitment, we’re announcing some changes Read more […]

Do not send your ID personal data to rewardable RTV beermoney “Re: Rewardable: Delayed Payment Update”

Below email from beermoney RTV rewardable app. Notice “… please reply with a clear photo of your face while holding your drivers license which should match the name on your account … ” Do not send your ID to these beermoney site like this rewardable RTV. The reason are below. Rewardable RTV app is not a financial company like banks or real estate broker, they’re not Wells Fargo, they’re not Remax … they do not need your ID for legitimate activities like KYC (know your customers)Sending Read more […]

What’s the latest with arbitraging.co arb token platform?

After reviewing many youtube videos and many telegram arb related chat, and also from blogs and forums on the internet. There appears to be 80% to 90% said it’s a scam with long exiting scam strategy despite the fact that John Mcafee was somehow connected to arbitraging.co arb token recently with the crypto credit card, apparently with that affiliation it still didn’t help arb token much. Youtubers that promote talk about arb token arbitraging.co appears to be skeptical although don’t admit it. Read more […]

Changes to google adsense? “Important: The Google Advertiser Community has moved to a new platform”

On Wednesday, May 15, 2019, 3:18:36 PM EDT, Google Advertiser Community [email protected] wrote: Important: The Google Advertiser Community has moved to a new platform You’re receiving this email because you’ve registered in our Google Advertiser Community in the past. Please read the frequently asked questions below to learn about the migration and how to save your community content before the full migration happens. What’s happening? In April 2019, the Google Advertiser Read more […]

blockfi.com paid another month of interest account earned based on 6.2% APY

On Wednesday, May 8, 2019, 1:54:49 PM EDT, BlockFi [email protected] wrote: View in browser Logo-Blue-1 BIA Clients Earned 25 BTC & 380 ETH in April BIAEarningsApril-2 Last week BlockFi Interest Account clients earned another month of interest! On May 1 we paid out over 25 BTC & 380 ETH (more than $195,000 at the time) for the month of April. With our recent announcement of lower BTC minimums, more clients than ever can earn interest on their crypto. BlockFi Read more […]

Slow painful exit scam arb token arbitraging.co for users investors how long will it last?

How many users are really active now in chatting in arbitraging.co arb token telegram chat group? I think only a few, maybe 100 or less. How many investors are actually checking their account daily? I think less than 2000, maybe 1000. This is based on how many users are in the actual telegram chat group that is not the original official chat group, only 1000 users on at least 2 channels, and only a dozen or so actively participate in chatting. Will the owners or staffs of arbitraging.co arb Read more […]

arbitraging.co said “we’ve not scam anyone yet” but when we do, all of you will get scammed

So what’s the latest with arbitraging.co ARB token platform? According to the Telegram ARB arbitraging.co chat group: well as expected it’s getting worst and worst, as more and more supporters and big investors users loosing hope, loosing faith, for almost 5 months now and counting since December 10th 2018. After one news announced to another news announced, seems to be just news that say will make the platform better but apparently not, and again this has been going for almost 5 months and counting. On Read more […]