goex.pro is gone with everyone’s money, is arbitraging.co ARB token next?

Just to get the fact straight, goex.pro officially gone scam over a week ago from today. goex.pro disappeared without a trace of anyone knowing who is behind it or ran the platform. Some of the telegram chat group admins are as clueless as the users investors because some of the admins are just basically early adopter into the program and been supporting it. Some say that someone name “Steve” running the whole show and the only admin working full time, who knows. There was some indication that goex.pro was exiting scam; that indication was that many of the users investors account got blocked just right before they can withdraw their profit, and off course if anyone talk negative even it’s true their telegram chat blocked or banned totally. By the way the goex.pro telegram chat group is a ghost room by the way, no one can say anything or see anything even old chat log deleted.

Now let’s look at arbitraging.co, it’s been a long time since December 10th 2018, over 4 months and counting, what are they doing? exit the scam already, but no, arbitraging.co arb token still milking it, maybe they’re trying to exit scam safely not surprisingly. The strategy of arbitraging.co arb token exiting the ponzi scam might be a lengthy one, it’s a strategy that users or investors will start to give up one by one because apparently nothing anyone can do about it, you cannot report to authority easily, you cannot hire hit man, you cannot do alot of things to the owner or operator of these platform because you don’t really know who they are. These ponzi scam are ran anonymously, but they’ve been very clever over the past few years by publicly show up on small social media talk show and small convention sometime last minute show up just to keep themselves safe from many smart people.

If you read my previous posts, I’ve been in many many many similar programs, from high yield investments program (hyip) to ponzi pyramid scheme scam and I know pretty much on how they run it, the thing is I can never know is when they will disappear and go bye bye, not just me but I’m sure others as well. We can sometime tell exiting scam start to happen is when they suddenly announced biggest news ever, innovative news like arbitraging.co arb token that they invented something new or some other news that would benefit the users investors which never happen it’s just last minutes effort to get more investors in before shutting down and disappeared into the unknown. All these platform once are anonymous, sure you see their face, but is it really them, is it there house, is it their friends, are they actors actresses? One thing for sure is arbitraging.co arb token is really taking their time on the exiting scam, chances are users investors will drop off themselves, arbitraging.co arb token don’t even need to shut down, they just playing game passing the ball from one unknown person to another saying that he’s the new boss not me any longer …