How to install Ethereum 2.0 staking (POS) and running it on testnet prysm goerli.

The installation is relatively simple to me, and I think if I can do it, anyone can do it with a little bit of computer knowledge. If you don’t like reading especially from my writing, you youtube I’m using an old computer sitting around, it’s a Core2 vPro with 4GB Ram, 160GB hard drive. I installed Ubuntu 18.04.4 desktop version. Then I installed SSH server, then install git and curl just in case you don’t have it because it is Read more […]

Are you ready for Ethereum 2.0 POS does this mean no more mining Ethereum after June 2020 golive?

Short answer is No more mining Ethereum. According to article published on stackexchange ” Can you still mine ethereum after POS?When Ethereum switch to PoS (proof of stake) you can’t mine, Ethereum won’t be minable anymore, instead, those who are holding Ethereum Tokens (Ether) will be responsible for verifying transactions, by holding their Ether for a long period, and they get paid for doing this.Jul 9, 2017 ” Read more […]