DIY thermostat for your diesel air heater? not a good idea

You might have watched a bunch of videos on youtube on how to add a thermostat to your diesel air heater using some timer relay delay switch, it’s not a good idea. Why? because it will not work properly. The problem is the heater start up time took 5 minutes and shut off time also took 5 minutes and together you’re looking at 10 minutes of time, and if you add a thermostat to turn it off and on, apparently as you can see this will not work. Let say you set it at 70 degree to turn on and when the Read more […]

Samsung “My Files” app for android will delete your Google Drive files pictures permanently

I do not know if there are any settings on Google Drive side or on Samsung “My Files” app side, that can configure deletion option to delete it but put it in Trash not delete permanently. It happened to a friend of mine, he got Samsung J7 Prime with “My Files” app, when he access Google Drive from “My Files” app and delete a file or picture, it got deleted permanently not even seeing it in the Trash. How do I know this? well if you look in Google Drive options and click on the exclamation mark Read more […]

ms dos windows 10 apple mac os2 free download repository

You download all these operating system and more free, totally free, just that these are old operating system the manufacturer doesn’t support anymore, so it’s good to play around with or create a museum out of it 🙂 DOS & CP/M86-DOS Concurrent CPM-86 Concurrent DOS CP/M 86 CP/M-80 DOS Plus DR-DOS MP/M MS-DOS Multitasking MS-DOS 4.00 Multiuser DOS PC-DOS PC-MOS PTS-DOS Real/32 Tandy Deskmate Wendin DOS WindowsBackOffice Server Windows 1.0 Windows 2.x Windows 2000 Windows 3.0 / 3.1 Windows Read more […]

The best way to avoid getting hacked of all time 2020 and beyond

From my personal experiences and experiences of others on the internet. The best way to avoid getting hacked is, none, not possible, you will get hacked no matter what if you are being targeted. Not to say that you will hacked now or tomorrow. The reason I am saying that it is not possible not to hack is because of how much data of you already available publicly whether or not you’re doing any wrong on the internet, but data of your information was secured on government computers, banks computers, Read more […]

Synchrony Bank confirmed “data breach or fraudulent activity” An Apology for our Error

Well, Synchrony Bank did confirmed last night from an email saying ” This was an internal error at Synchrony and did not involve a data breach or fraudulent activity ” Once again ” did not involve a data breach or fraudulent activity ” On Monday, November 25, 2019, 11:51:27 PM EST, Synchrony Bank <[email protected]> wrote: At Synchrony we take customer satisfaction very seriously. We are writing to inform you one or more emails or text messages you may have received Read more […]

DJI Osmo pocket camcorder camera battery big disadvantage

I’m in the market for a new smaller portable camcorder to replace my old GoPro5 Black. After doing all the research in many forums and youtube reviews. Although I do not have first hand experience with the DJI Osmo pocket camera yet, but knowing the fact that the battery in the DJI Oscmo pocket camera cannot be replaced easily, meaning I cannot just snap open it and put in a new battery vs the GoPro camera battery can be replaced easily, just put in a new one. So the battery on the DJI Osmo Read more […]

GoPro5 Black Hero audio microphone muffled distorted fix?

Very easy fix: If you removed the charger compartment, that is the cause, just put it back. If you put the camera into the holder that blocked the microphones of the camera, that’s the cause, just drill big holes showing the microphones. Lastly check the camera holes, make sure no dirt or debris in there especially after water exposure. If none of those three fixes your audio muffled distorted issue then it’s probably the microphone itself or your camera speaker play back is bad, just play the clip Read more […]

How to secure your Bitcoin to your beneficiary in an event that you died or loss of memory illness?

For me, since I trust google drive if I configured it correctly it is pretty much secure. Now a day most if not everyone have internet and an email, and chances are google gmail. I use the google feature that have basic monitoring of your status whether you’re active or inactive. Active mean it detect you’re online tied to your google account, inactive mean your account hasn’t been detected being online or active for a while. So by using this feature google can detect if you’re dead possible and Read more […] latest update “A message about Intel’s recent vulnerability announcement” is awesome, I think it’s much better than vultr. I have VPS on both companies and other companies as well, in term of reliability security DigitalOcean won, however the security background check is a little bit time consuming, but most people can rest assure that DigitalOcean is doing KYC (know your customer) check to help prevent any possible intruder taking advantage to hack or gain access to their data center. Keep up the good work DigitalOcean! kudo to you. On Monday, November Read more […]

How to search Bitcoin Ethereum crypto wallets on a computer?

It does not matter whether it’s a PC windows computer laptop or Linux, the fire structures naming are pretty much the same for all crypto wallets. The keyword to search for are *wallet*.*, *bitcoin*.*, and search for file name, folder name, all files directories of the hard drive. If any crypto wallet exist you should get a result showing. Maybe try *coin*.* also but I think that’s overkill. However if the wallet is backed up as compressed file such as a zip or rar file and the naming does not contain Read more […]