withdrawal fees that you need to know “Starting 2020 Strong | January Newsletter”

Keep in mind that there are fees associate to withdrawing your interest investment. It’s not much if you have big investment, since it’s fix fees not by percentage. So let say if you have a balance of 1 bitcoin, and when you withdraw your account, you will be charge with fee at 0.0025 bitcoin, that’s about $25 or so today, so do your math carefully before you put money into, although they’re not ponzi or scam hyip, they do have fees. BlockFi Newsletter <[email protected]>To: Jan Read more […]

Latest electroneum coin ETN update “ETN Update for 2020 and freelancer launch”

ETN electroneum coin is mineable and is still on the top 100 list of coins. While back you can mine with mobile phone, as more people got into mining with their mobile phone the profit decreased little by little as more people coming on board. Basically the mobile mining of electroneum ETN coin is not really mining, it’s more of an airdrop functionality strategies to get more people to know about Electroneum coins ETN, just Bitcore BTX while back. On Thursday, January 30, 2020, 01:44:36 AM EST, Read more […]

How to reverse Windows 10 upgrade go back to previous old windows 7 OS?

It’s simple. Quick answer is, go to Settings then Recovery, there should be an option for you to select to Go back to old Windows 7 or previous version of Windows that you’ve upgraded from. So basically it happened to me because I have a bunch of programs software applications that work perfectly fine in Windows 7, then after upgraded to Windows 10 it no longer work. Well to be specific, the software still run opens fine, but the driver for the hardware of the software didn’t work. Basically Read more […]

Latest update on “Yahoo Security Breach Proposed Settlement”

It’s still going, if you have not submit one yet, there are still time, but chances are you have already done the submission, so no need to submit again. On Tuesday, January 28, 2020, 07:23:35 PM EST, Yahoo <[email protected]> wrote: We have a new unified Terms of Service and Privacy PolicyThis is a reminder of the Yahoo Data Breach Settlement. If you previously filed a claim, please do not file an additional claim. If you had a Yahoo account anytime in 2012 through 2016, a pending Read more […]

Living on Cryptocurrencies money like Bitcoin and Ethereum really possible?

The answer is yes. You can travel on airplane paying for airfare via Bitcoin ETH on website like , you can take taxi ride like Uber paying with Uber Bitrefill gift card, you can eat from many restaurant with Bitrefill gift card like burger king and so on, you can pay for Hotels using Bitrefill gift card like airbnb… you can pay for entertainment games movies like roblox and apple store using bitrefill gift card, you can do online shopping like Read more […]

An Important Message about Intel’s Recent CVE Announcements and Your DigitalOcean Account

Don’t worry too much about this announcement, are working hard to get it resolve with Intel, however take precaution, always update your data. On Monday, January 27, 2020, 05:52:38 PM EST, Team DigitalOcean <[email protected]> wrote:DigitalOcean LogoHi there, Today, Intel released a statement regarding two Processors Data Leakage security vulnerabilities (Vector Register Sampling and L1D Eviction Sampling), that may allow unintended information disclosure for Read more […]

scam fake phishing email “Your Apple ID has been locked for security reasons. To unlock it, you must verify your identity.”

Be careful folks. This email below and many similar one will bypass your junk spam email because your email will not capture it due to the fact that the email was encrypted with garbage characters but your email html format will actually display it in plain english words like below. Do not click on the link from any email, do not click on link from sms text messages on your phone, do not click on link from any social media messages even on mobile phone, chances are those links will take you to Read more […]

Create multiple accounts to get free YODA aidrop coins? 700 dollars 400 dollars USD?

If you’re somehow connected or have some kind of interaction with whether you have an account or trying to create one with or its affiliates you might come accross an email from giving away 700 dollars to play around with in, the email below. First it is not a hoax, scam or phishing email. It is real. Just marketing strategies to make their brand name of more noticeable. The 700 dollars coins YODA does exist in and only exist in Read more […]

Changes In Sales Tax for 1&1 hosting IONOS will be collecting sales tax

On Thursday, January 23, 2020, 02:56:16 AM EST, IONOS Customer Service <[email protected]> wrote: IONOS Customer Service Dear , Beginning with your next invoice, sales tax will be collected for all products or services provided by 1&1 IONOS Inc., pursuant to respective state and local tax laws. Please visit the Help Center to learn more about how applicable sales tax is determined. Non-profit organizations that meet certain requirements may provide the necessary documentation to apply Read more […]

Pay your tax Bitcoin Cryptos folks “Important Information for Taxes” 2019

Pay your Bitcoin Crypto currencies tax folks, you can’t get away for long before IRS government will catch up to you. Tax requirement for 2019 included a question “did you own any cryptocurrencies like bitcoin” don’t lied they will get you. It is the right thing to do if you earn money, the profit would be taxable. You will not go to jail for not filing taxes, but you will go to jail and hit with fines for not reporting the truth, don’t risk it. If you profit $10k of cryptos, then maybe about $2500 Read more […]