DoorDash got hacked “Door Dash announces a data breach impacting 4.9 million people”

On Friday, September 27, 2019, 04:31:32 PM EDT, Identity Guard [email protected] wrote: Identity Guard with Watson What Happened? On September 26, 2019, DoorDash announced in a blog post that an unauthorized third-party accessed data for approximately 4.9 million DoorDash users, delivery drivers, and merchants. Only users that joined DoorDash before April 5, 2018 were impacted by the breach. The data exposed for users may include: Name Email address Delivery address Phone number Last Read more […] latest “YoBit Signature Campaign (Bitcointalk)” make money with your account

On Thursday, September 26, 2019, 01:25:07 PM EDT, Yobit Mailer [email protected] wrote: YoBit Signature Campaign Dear YoBit Users! YoBit Signature Campaign on Bitcointalk is updated and active again! Please update your signatures! Details: Sr Member: 0.00012 BTC per constructive post (20 max per day). Hero Member: 0.00016 BTC per constructive post (20 max per day). Legendary Member: 0.00020 BTC per constructive post (20 max per day). Sincerely yours, Read more […]

Kraken bitcoin exchange “LINK and DAI Trading Starts September 25!”

On Tuesday, September 24, 2019, 02:38:24 PM EDT, Kraken [email protected] wrote: Kraken Hi Tran, We are pleased to announce that Chainlink (LINK) and Dai (DAI) will be listed on Kraken starting September 25. What is Chainlink (LINK)? Chainlink connects decentralized peer-to-peer networks and smart contracts to real-world data, events, and payments. The Chainlink network uses reputation and validation systems to reward honest behavior among tamper-proof oracles, bridging the gap between on-chain Read more […]

The only platform that pay for your cryptos investments “ Hurry! Get Bitcoin On Us – Offer ends 9/30”

So far this is the only as legit as it can get Cryptos investment platform that really pay. They are giving out $10 for all new investors that invest now til 9/30 end of this month. Although the interest is a bit higher than bank offering, what you get paid is Cryptos earning not fiat, so if you need cash then you would need to convert it to cash on exchanges like coinbase gemini and so on. If you wan higher earning, up to 8.6% APR, maybe give the gemini stable coin a try, you will earn 8.6% APR Read more […]

Fake Apple Support email scamming your account phishing hacking method “[CASE-ID 30236202] TMTRS : [ The Latest News Updated ] [ Confirmation Updates ] Summary of News Information”

Do not fall for this scam folks. Your email probably didn’t recognize this as a scam or phishing email because the message is encrypted with code not recognized by spam filter, but if you copy the email message and pasted it into your notepad then you will see it’s encrypted code, only on the email you get you would see actual words. So be careful, never ever click on link from email, if you have to then you need to carefully review the url domain name, it it actually or Read more […]

Paypal will not refund your original fees selling stuff online like ebay when users return merchandise for refund

The latest paypal email sent earlier today, confirmed. Let say you sell on eBay or any online store that accept paypal and when the buyer decides to return the item as “not as described” (buyer can say this even if it’s not true) Paypal will refund the buyer full amount paid, but you will not get refund for the fees (3% seller fees). Refer to this thread for more detail. Pay Upcoming Read more […] arb token erasing its track of scam by moving to new apex token and new owner?

Based on the archive of chat logs and youtubers that talks about arb token, look like there are still people that have hope and still waiting that one day arb token will rise again. It’s kind of silly that anyone would still think arb token now apex is not a scam. Many legitimate articles written with careful research about now known as apex token indicated it’s a scam. ARB Apex token haven’t scam anyone, sure, they scammed everyone at the same time not like others Read more […]

Don’t bother to create new or github account to get stellar lumens XLM airdrop, only old users qualified

For the news about XLM stellar lumens coins airdrop, only old users of qualified for the free airdrop, so don’t waste your time creating new account and github account, new account created after September 9th (accouncement date) will not be qualified ever, even if you kept the account active for months after, don’t expect you will get qualified. This airdrop is only for old existing users created before September 9th 2019, and the account must have 3 devices actively installed, Read more […]

Phishing email on fake “Congratulations, claim here your lumens.” stellar lumens XLM coins airdrop

The new third wave of XLM stellar lumens is real, but a lot of email are fake, phishing email that will steal your original XLM holding, do not fall for this. Like email below, if your spam email didn’t filter it out, you will get similar email below, if you mouse over the link it is not email address and it will take you to a replica website that will steal whatever you typed on it, even visiting the website the hacker got your IP location and more detail for them to track who you are Read more […]

$5 off amazon order of $20 or more pay using bitcoin cryptos via paywithmoon

On Monday, September 16, 2019, 01:43:48 PM EDT, Ken from Moon [email protected] wrote: $5 off from Moon Hi there! Don’t forget to claim your free $5 before the end of the month! Take $5 off your next purchase on Amazon when you spend $20 or more and pay with Moon! Your unique offer code 0tvrND Remember, this special offer lasts through the end of September. Redeem your offer code today! How to Redeem Your Code Click the “Redeem” button in Moon and add your unique offer code. Your savings Read more […]