latest update news from Electroneum End of Year 2018 Update

I have been mining electroneum on one mobile device, and every week I think I got about 10 electroneum coin. Honestly I have not touch for a very long time, it’s like passive income 1 penny per day. Ok so it’s not much, but imagine 1 penny a day for 365 days that’s $3.65 for current value, but what if electroneum is like stellar lumen goes up to $1, that’s $365 of free money and if you have 100 phones that’s $36,000.00 🙂 On Sunday, December 23, 2018, 2:57:57 PM EST, Richard Ells [email protected] Read more […]

The falling of Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies price killed many business and when will it stop?

We don’t really know when will Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies will end the bear market, some legit prediction saying Bitcoin will bottom at $1300 before bear market really end, meaning that Ethereum will be back to $20 or lower. However at this time, and ever since, no one can really predict the price of Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, it’s only through by luck. Even with the most complex computer system and program that predict prices in the market including stock, cannot predict the price Read more […]