arb token got sued? now re-brand to APEX token for more scam?

There was an article published a month ago about ARB token sued, but sure what’s going on with that, it might be a third party getting the investors into ARB, while the investors know nothing about arb.

As of today October 25th 2019, look like all the arb token apex telegram chat room are closed or muted, meaning no one can talk except the owners the its staffs and we have no idea who they really are, they can say they’re David Tony Albert John … but we don’t know and if you ask they may say “do you know Satoshi Nakamoto?” blah blah. Some people may think it’s not important on who the real owner is, as long as the project or platform delivers what it promised. In this case arb apex token does not deliver what it said.

ARB token now APEX said they have aBot, apparently nope didn’t exist never did exist or will ever exist, so they lied and they took your money to play around, yes it’s a ponzi scam. ARB token now APEX said they have awesome innovation that they’ve been working on and it will be a game changer, apparently not, they lied, one update implementation after another all just talk and nothing good was implement in fact all implementation were worse and worse to the point that they’s pushing the price up to $20 to get people to buy in and then they manipulate the price down to today at 2 cent On top of that ARB token now APEX make it next to impossible to withdraw even 2 cent per coin worth. Those are just the top reasons why people should be looking into if they’re still thinking and have hope for ARB token now APEX that one day that they will rise again. Can you trust a platform that lied to you?

The update that people see in telegram chat group are just protection to the scammers themselves just in case. The update done to the platform is nothing just merely a switch click and drag drop here and there to pretend they’re busy at work with ARB token now APEX scam. The ARB token is still listed on coinmarketcap but daily volume is a few dollars and market cap is merely $30k and dropping. The two exchange that listed the new APEX rebranded from ARB is coinexchange which will be closing soon for whatever reason maybe scam as well.

coinexchange make announcement closing, but they have already closed long time ago back in late 2018. is Closing Down
It is with great regret that we must inform the community that the board of directors of has decided to close down the exchange.
This is purely a business decision and there has not been a security breach or any other type of incident. Unfortunately it is no longer economically viable for us to continue offering market services. The costs of providing the required level of security and support now outweigh our earnings.
Trading and deposits will be suspended on the 15th of October 2019. Please cease any deposit and trade activity as soon as possible.
The website and withdrawals will remain operational until the 1st of December 2019. We ask that you please remove all funds by this date.
It has been a fantastic journey and we have enjoyed playing a part in the crypto currency space. We thank everyone that has traded or listed a currency with us.
So sadly it is goodbye for now however we may return in the future if market conditions change.

latoken appears to be a new exchange, but looks sketchy as well, and probably closing business soon also. ARB or APEX token probably listed on this exchange have little to no volume

So basically ARB is dead based on the two exchange above. So now APEX scam coin, it is listed on latoken, but the volume is very little to nothing a few usd $, and USA users cannot even see or trade. APEX token scam coin is not even listed on coinmarketcap. Don’t try to research the APEX or APX token yourself because there will be a bunch showing up in Ethereum ERC20, anyone can create one within 15 minutes.

So what’s what with the volume that APEX token ARB scam announced that they have reached $22million in volume trading? yeah go ahead and believe that. ARB APEX token has been know for being a liar, fake, ponzi scam, and now re brand to APEX would you still believe them? when proof were requested, this ARB APEX scam owners and its staff tried to photoshop audit and certificate but quickly being validated by users that all were fake and they took it down.

So what happen to the owners? and its staffs? we don’t know. We don’t even know who they are, some smart users investors able to find the identity but whether true or not we don’t know. Like David Peterson, Jeremy Peterson, Thomas Brown, Jeremy Rounsville, and some lady claim to be his wife but we don’t really know. All we know is a lot of fake pictures, data, details, videos and so on, even stories are fake make up artist, actors and actress doing all these, we may never know who is behind this ARB APEX APX scam token. All we know is they did not deliver what they promised and did do what they plan, and in the end they have no plan, just go with it and now they disappeared slowly one by one making up stories as they disappeared like new owner taking over blah blah to avoid jail time. Maybe you folks shouldn’t trust a guy with a neck tattoo in the future? well for me no it’s not that at all. I trust when I see a person said what he will do and he did it, deliver what promised, and a plan milestones clearly shown with measurable results, and lastly the transactions is transparent in blockchain.

Lastly John Mcafee, is he friend of the owner of ARB APEX APX scam token? they’re both suitable for each other for sure, I take John Mcafee as a man of himself, he’s John Mcafee, maybe John Mcafee got scam by ARB APEX APX Scam token also? who knows, just create a quick website here and there and take a picture and wallahhh make a few bucks, end of story.

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  1. What’s going on guys so i want to again. Cover arbitrage because this has been a. Topic that i’ve committed to following. Through on with my channel since i’ve. Done you know i’ve been pretty involved. With with arbitrage i’m meeting with. David peterson and as you know his. Rental house and in dallas and the you. Know the all of the engagement that i’ve. Done with the community and and the the. Promising element that it seemed to be. In 2018 and just the the total collapse. That’s happened in 2019 and a lot of the. The negativity has been swirling around. That i’ve left a link to the telegram. Chat below where there’s you know quite. A bit of discussion it’s it’s it’s been. A little bit of a toxic topic there’s. Been a lot of people that are just you. Know they’re they’re very upset because. They’ve lost a lot of money in the. Project and they want to they want to. You know just kind of express some of. Their frustration by lashing out a. Little bit so i mean it’s certainly. Understandable you know i’ve been you. Know one of the biggest investors in. Arbitrage inc and you know part of that. Was like evident with the haircut you. Know that happens back you know earlier. In the year i got suckered into you know. Basically putting in it was a little. Over it was about 20 to eath or so back. When they were doing the 50 you know the. 50k you know arb thing with the vault so. You could get full payouts of you’re a. Bot so i got suckered into that a couple. Of days later you know everything you. Know went down and now the way that. They’ve manipulated a token supply by. You know increase in the token supply to. Essentially infinite because there’s no. There’s no backing at all with the apex. Token and the amount of apex tokens that. Have been that have been tossed around. Like all of the investors are restricted. From being able to withdraw apex tokens. They say 2,500 a day but a lot of people. If you put in withdrawal it you know. You’re not getting it in one day you’re. Getting it in in you know several days. So it may may take four or five days. Maybe even a week i mean iii haven’t. Really checked into it much i haven’t. Really i haven’t really touched my. Account much you know lately um you know. It for a while there i was transferring. Over like the tokens but the price is. Just continuously going down and down. And down and it seems to me that anytime. I try to do anything with arbitrage and. To preserve my value in my estimate in. Arbitrage i get you know i get screwed. By doing anything and so i think the. Best thing to do if you’re an arbitrage. Investor is to just document your. Account you know through pictures. Screenshots video whatever you need to. Do and and keep a record of that because. There’s just a lot of there’s there’s a. Lot of mistrust with the platform. There’s a lot of things that are going. On that just are that seem very very. Very shady and it’s it’s just really. Unfortunate because in 2018 the platform. Experienced a tremendous amount of. Success and it seemed to be a you know. Something that in the passive income. Earning space that was going to provide. A little bit of stability and something. That has been full of nothing with scams. And full of nothing but money grabs in a. Sense and unfortunately it looks to me. And it appears from the outside that a. Lot of the the claims by david peterson. And and other people that were a little. Bit closer on the inner circle with. Arbitrage and it seems a lot of those a. Lot of a lot of those claims about the. Platform or illegitimate or were made. Under false pretenses so if you you know. If you look at even just you know a. Situation like the block exchange which. Is seem to be like all of the problems. Really seem to start from the block. Exchange if you look at like there’s. Been no proof of the patent behind the. Block exchange because that was part of. One of the things that. That this was supposed to be such an. Innovative technology that it was you. Were gonna get you know something that. You know required the use of a patent. There’s been no information on that. Patent that i’m aware of or that’s been. Shared publicly and i think a lot of. That was just a ploy to try to say that. This was a very very big innovation i. Think there’s been i’m not gonna go into. Names of some of the people there were. Some very prominent people youtubers. That are bigger than i am that that. Talks about the the block exchange and. How it was not innovative and how it was. Basically set up to restrict people from. Selling which is exactly what happened. Only certain people were able to sell. And there’s been you know some some. Information that’s been shared on that. And primarily the biggest perpetrator of. That was gone and gone was been one of. The guys that has profited the most from. This the arbitrage and scheme and so in. Terms of like the fbi and sec. Investigation he is going to be one of. The primary points of interest on on who. Profited from from from this game if you. Profited it at all. You know because most of the people they. Get involved with arbitrage chang lost. Money i certainly lost a lot of money. You know there’s been some people who. Have been spreading rumors and i think. Part of this was done by the secret. Oasis group that was trying to say that. I that i made a ton of money and that’s. Just absolutely not true all the proof. Is on the blockchain a lot of what. They’re trying to say is they’re just. Looking at you know strictly ethan eat. Out and that’s not a way to look at. Things because a lot of people if you. Were smart you bought a lot of your arb. Tokens off of the exchange off of the. Internal exchange and on places like. Coin exchange and there was also you. Know when when i was investing and in. Arbitrage you know aetherium was $600. When i was pulling you know money out of. Arbitrage you know it was you know a. Little bit after the block exchange was. Probably like the only time i was really. Able to pull some money out you know. Aetherium was in the low hundred dollars. And in some points it was it was below. Dollars so you know that’s there there’s. There’s a number of different elements. When you’re looking at the actual value. That was locked in the system this was. Supposed to be something where you were. Able to at least lock in you know your. Value with in cryptocurrency. Into something that was going to. Preserve that value and part of that was. A usd and so a usd was supposed to be a. Stable token you know by their own. Admission between 98 cents and a dollar. Dollar in two cents and so i’m holding a. Lot of a usd i don’t know what’s gonna. Happen with that i know there’s other. People that have just you know they’ve. Cut their losses i mean i tell you what. You know i mean they they were begging. People to auction you know their their. Their their accounts off you know back. When all of this stuff was going on and. It was just really malicious and in the. Way that i was looking at it because a. Lot of these people invested a lot of. Money into this platform and they were. Being told by people like cassandra. Peterson and and you know other people a. Lot of the arbitrage admins to just. Auction your account off well i tell you. What i think a lot of people would. Really wish they would have back then. You know i think that least they would. Have gotten something back you know. Because right now it looks it doesn’t. Look very good in terms of being able to. Recover you know your losses you know. There’s a lot of upset investors there’s. A lot of upset investors and they they. They rightfully should be because there. Was a lot of fraudulent claims that were. Made by primarily people that were in. Private groups that were being paid by. The arbitration platform to promote. Certain you know concepts and ideas you. Know one of the primary guys you know is. Pope at man who’s gone out and basically. Claimed you know that he was going. Around in harassing investors as joseph. Hammond and a few other accounts he’s. Got a number of different accounts and. So for him to to come out as a guy you. Know who also had never invested in. Arbitrage again he was given all of the. Money that he put. To the platform bye-bye people it’s all. On the blockchain under his wallet. Address and we have a lot of this. Information so he’s one individual and i. Don’t think it really should should you. Know center around you know a few. Different particular individuals there. Are there are a lot of you know a lot of. People that that were hurt hurt by this. Platform and so that’s that’s. Unfortunate so like that’s that’s i. Think something that i hope you know. There’s a positive outcome that comes. With this and you know crypto is kind of. One of these places where people you. Know they it’s kind of an. Anti-government way they want to get. Away from you know the banking system. From you know the regulatory environment. And the you know they the year of you. Know 2018 2019 2020 and probably the. Next few years you know i’ve kind of. Said this in my previous streams it’s. Gonna be the years of of regulation some. People are gonna fight it and some. People are gonna comply and you know the. The thing about it is the way that the. You know the the d central decentralized. Nature of cryptocurrency at least in. Some aspects i mean this is a. Centralized platform but there are. Elements of cryptocurrency that are. Unable to be controlled like no one can. Control sending bitcoin from one person. To another that information would be. Tracked on the blockchain and there’s a. There’s a record of that so there’s. Certain in you know certain elements you. Know i think the u.S. Is far behind the. Rest of the world and it’s going to. Continue to be far behind the rest of. The world because of their their very. Archaic structure you know and i think a. Lot of that was evident with what’s. Going on with libra and the way that. They just came came down super hard on. On libra coming out with you know. Basically their own you know stable. Corner cryptocurrency creating. Essentially their own economy i mean. You’re gonna see a lot of other. Countries that are doing this and i. Think that a lot of people if you know. If you’re if you’re looking to go where. You’re treated best are going to look at. Of these cryptocurrency havens in other. Countries where cryptocurrency is is is. Is a little bit it’s accepted a little. Bit better so yeah let me check in with. A chat a little bit. Yeah the never card was was something. That we’re not really sure if we’re. We’re gonna see yeah give up for ponzi’s. Bro and your own bot trader and signals. Package i’m actually working on that so. You know being a traveler being being uh. Working in another country where i’m a. Foreigner you know these were some of. The opportunities that i had to you know. Provide for myself and and so i was. Hoping that a lot of these things would. Work unfortunately i have lost all money. That i have probably about 99% of all of. The capital that i have is gone by. Investing a lot of these these companies. That i thought were legit so yeah i. Don’t i don’t i don’t have any money so. I’m i’m broke i have a little bit of. Cryptocurrency like a barely enough to. Kind of play around with a lot of the. The the cryptocurrency i have is kind of. Like an iou forms i’m having some issues. With one particular platform right now. That reneged on on some of their some of. Some of their commitments so i’m looking. At getting into some different some. Different options so i’m reaching out to. Several different companies i’ve talked. With a few so far that are interested in. Me helping with them and and doing a. Little bit of a partnership i i moved. Here in the philippines to a different. Island so i have i have a friend of mine. Who. Is is helping me in some doggin. Cryptocurrency ventures which you know. He needs a little bit of help with. Marketing so i can i can help him with. That i can do some different things with. You know with video editing with a green. Screen with tying things in the music. Doing things with in a professional. Manner with photoshop illustrator doing. Thumbnails presenting different types of. Material and so i’m gonna be putting to. Get look at spinning on as far as like. The bots and stuff i’m looking to get. Into that myself because a lot of these. Platforms that say that they have bots. And are you know kind of doing a bottom. Platform they all have had issues at one. Point or the other so i’m just gonna. Probably try to work directly with the. Company so i’m looking at a few. Different a few different. Bahding platforms like three right now. And so we’ll see how that goes but yeah. You know we’ll see but i think that. That’s that’s gonna be my focus is a kid. A job my job has been been more of. Marketing so i’m looking for marketing. Gigs and that’s kind of what i’m. Focusing on i know a guy with a thousand. Connells probably hook you hoe the yeah. I mean there’s there’s some some options. In real estate i’m actually in a really. Interesting real estate market here in. The philippines and so that’s primarily. What i’m gonna be looking at helping. With in terms of marketing that and some. Sports camps because i have a background. In health and fitness so i’ll probably. Be doing a little bit of that but still. Focusing on cryptocurrency i have a. Couple of different projects well it’s. Really interesting it’s just like man. It’s gonna be a very difficult task with. Marketing because of like what they’re. Doing is really cool it’s it’s kind of. And i’m gonna do a video on that really. Soon it’s a combination of like crypto. Kitties and like pokemons like on the. Blockchain but for them like the the. Marketing is is that it’s the most. Difficult element and he’s a friend of. Mine from vietnam i know what he’s doing. There’s another one that’s really cool. With another vietnamese friend of mine. On by. They have they have these like tablets. And they’re they’re gonna be doing like. Actual there’s going to be an incentive. To read and so that’s one thing that you. Know like i’ve been reading a lot in. Terms of like social media and stuff but. Actually reading a book like having the. Incentive to read a book and so what. This does is it if you can read for. Anywhere between thirty minutes to an. Hour a day this like tablet it like. Actually mines their own cryptocurrency. All in the tablet and pays you pays like. Rewards you from you know so i think. It’s a really really cool concept and so. I’m gonna be working with those guys a. Little bit there’s there’s a lot of. Really cool projects and cryptocurrency. And so i’m reaching out and i’m. Exploring options at this point because. You know a lot of the a lot of the. Unfortunately a lot of the projects that. I’ve been involved with have have failed. And i’m not in the best of situation i’m. Reliant and dependent on on other people. Because you know arbitrage thing has the. Majority of my money at this point you. Know the other one was like was no a. Chain like nova chain was a was super. Disappointing for a lot of people you. Know i think that there was the element. Where there was some privacy there was. You know the you know i the the they. They weren’t ready to kind of come out. And disclose as much information about. Themselves and but they were you know. There was a lot of promises behind that. There was some proof behind the box that. They were able to do with their t-rex. Pots on on finance there was some some. Logic behind that and then ultimately. Like the entire thing was was set up and. In a way to use crypto currency. Youtubers that are kind of in this. Passive income earning niche and. Promised them you know a investment in. The platform and then they they did this. Entire marketing pump for like a month. And tried to pull as much money as they. Could and i think once once the the. Investment started you know basically. Declining that’s when they like you know. They exited and they pulled the plug and. It was only like a month and so that was. That was really disappointing. I’ve talked i sent emails to the fbi. And i’ve given them a little bit of. Information i haven’t heard anything. Back you know i haven’t been in contact. With the fbi or the sec about arbitrage. But i’m gonna be talking with the sec. Here pretty soon on on another matter. And i’m gonna try to force the topic. With nova chain and with arbitrage and. With perhaps even a few other projects i. Think they’re looking at some of the. Larger projects and the ones where they. Have a better chance to actually like. When the case or collects or that sort. Of thing i have no idea how it’s going. To work in terms if they are actually. Able to collect some money from. Arbitrage and if they’re able going if. They’re gonna be able to take that and. Return some funds to the investors i’ve. Never seen any proof that they’ve done. That you know i’ve seen a lot more proof. Where they’ve you know levied out these. Massive fines and things like that but. I’ve no you know there’s no until they. Prove that they’re actually using the. Where those funds are going and they’re. Using those funds to to you know to to. Give back to the people to the victims i. Just don’t have a whole lot of faith and. In in in in these government entities. That are going to be you know you know. Trying to provide some oversight. I got to get some of the spammers out of. Here. Yeah i haven’t heard about like anything. Really what day um i know he was in. Contact you know he he basically did. Some stuff with the sec but you know i i. Know when i briefly talked with him. About it he didn’t have a whole lot of. Faith based on his conversation i don’t. Know how much they were sweating all the. Time that’s like that’s um that’s that’s. Damn frankie’s his own that must be. Frankie or one of his fake accounts. That’s like his only things about me. Today so i mean getting so much you know. Negativity like lately behind some of. This stuff you know there’s it’s really. Just coming from a handful of. Individuals like the drunk on crypto. Show and the the blacklist group which. Really should be renamed the clover hate. Group and the other like the other. Person they really hate is is is chris. And a few others nigel i’m not really. Sure why they’re targeting you know all. Of these people they should be focused. On the company and the people behind the. Company. But like i said i’m gonna still continue. To provide updates on arbitrage inc you. Know i know it’s a sore subject for a. Lot of people but you know i’m gonna. Follow through and see how how things go. And i like i said i’m gonna be looking. At at marketing you know a few different. For projects and so i’m talking with a. Few different companies if there are. Some other companies that are interested. In and need doing you know some content. That i can focus on doing a little bit. Of a partnership i mean i’m looking for. Like four or five different companies. Where you know i can focus on doing some. Marketing videos you know for those. Those companies and so hopefully i’ve. Got a few those set up i’ve got a couple. Of you know like i said i got a couple. Of leads on on some projects i’m working. On. To clear yourself a bitcoin maximalist. And hopefully they stop hating on you. There’s cryptocurrency is such a broad. Topic like certainly i think a lot of. The focus should be on bitcoin. Especially when it comes to trading. Because it really impacts a lot of the. Other markets in crypto but i’m always. Gonna be talking about different. Projects in crypto i think there’s a lot. Of interesting projects that you can’t. Do on bitcoin at least not yet. Perhaps you know in the future when a. Lot of this stuff is rolled out you know. Maybe maybe bitcoin will will will just. Become i’m so much more overpowering and. Dominant over the other projects you. Know that everything is done on bitcoin. But that’s that’s kind of the claim with. A lot of bitcoin maximalist i don’t i. Don’t really see it see it hammond. Moon berg yeah i mean i’m not you know. I’m gonna have to see what’s going on. Moon berg you know i’ve been i’ve been. Talking with tobias a little bit you. Know about that i’m not i’m not sure how. How things are gonna go with that i’m. You know i’m a little bit upset you know. With that situation i’m still trying to. Work some things out with them i’m just. You know i you know i’ve done a lot for. The min burg platform in terms of. Marketing and i’m i feel a lot of that. Was was not appreciated and so i’m still. Trying to get some clarification on some. Of that stuff but and i will see i mean. I understand some of the things that. They’re doing i like one of the things i. Think that they’re doing and like if. You’re looking at like some of the sec. Investigations with with some of these. Passive income earning platforms they. They are going to classify those as a. Security and so the way to get around. Some of that is to kind of do what. They’re doing you see a lot of these. Platforms that are trying to move into. Something like shadow trading or trading. In general or doing bots or things like. That on exchanges where it’s more in the. Users hands and that’s going to give a. Little bit more control to the users you. Know you know i i think member could. Provide some more transparency they were. There were fairly transparent with some. Stuff in the beginning in terms of. Giving more information about their you. Know their trading logs their you know. Some of the the activity they have you. Know with their bots but you know. There’s there’s there’s not a lot of. Transparency on their website and the. Same thing with arbitrage. Same thing with nova chain and you know. I’ve mentioned in the past like if i was. Going to you know set up a platform. That’s that’s one thing i would want to. Offer is is some transparency behind the. Transactions like like with moon burg. You don’t there there’s no there’s no. Record of any of the transactions on the. Exchange now maybe that’s going to get. Solved with the the blah. Exchange that they’re working on so that. That’s some of the stuff i really don’t. Know like they’re they’re trying to work. On some things and i hope they get it. Figured out i really do. Because it’s been you know it’s been my. Main source of income you know lately. That’s not even that much so like i i’m. You know i’m barely earning anything. With member but and and then they were. You know really not even honoring that. And so that’s what made me a little bit. Upset and i’ve kind of you know always. Voiced that with some of my friends in. The community and you know iii hope they. Get things fixed so i’m hoping they will. But it’s there’s been been on a little. Bit of drama with that lately but it’s. It’s just you know they have been the. Top passive income earning platform in. 2019 i think that you know deserve some. Credit there’s you know they’ve been in. Operation for the majority of the year. Hang out you know consistently i think. That just their similarities with some. Of these other previous platforms in. Terms of the the rates of return and you. Know basically the the youtubers that. Are that are talking about these types. Of platforms primarily kind of in this. Niche they tend to focus on some of. Those and you know there’s there’s. People that have a lot of negativity. Behind that or ulterior motives. How many counts do you have gandhi. So what else is being done besides btc. Arb and no i don’t know what you mean. About beat you see what is being done i. Guess let’s let’s jump into that a. Little bit there’s so the the unofficial. Arbitrage in group is collecting. Information through the emails of. Abusers where you know there’s there’s. Been some efforts that have been behind. The scenes in terms of trying to. Organize something to to get some of the. People behind arbitrage into the very. Least maybe return the initial. Investment that some of the people put. Into the platform i don’t know how how. Much of that’s really gonna get sorted i. Really don’t some of the information. That i’m saying on the blockchain is. Very disturbing you see you know a you. Know huge huge sums of apex tokens that. Are moving to these external exchanges. And and being dumped on the exchange and. That’s causing a lot of mistrust with. People in in in that plot so. You know you have a ceo that’s not a ceo. Anymore that has kind of given up and. He’s been on record you know saying that. That he wants to you know change the. Space he’s the world disrupter you know. He’s got all these partnerships with. Mcafee with all of these you know. Billionaires and things like that flying. Around on private jets but can’t can’t. Refund his investors but we’ll pay. People to to you know to flood the. Platform you know it’s it’s unfortunate. I really feel like what david should do. Is from the very beginning he should. Have allowed people that wanted to leave. The platform they shouldn’t be able to. Leave and i think a lot of the. Negativity would have would have. Subsided i think the problem with that. Is that that’s not happening and for. Very obvious reasons they either don’t. Have the money or the whole thing was. Set up as a as a ponzi platform to. Enrich select few namely guys like gonk. Who you know i think is more at fault. Than david i feel like david you know. Has been working on the platform and. It’s been more of a face of the platform. But i don’t think he’s benefited to the. Same that as a guy like gonk or some of. The other people behind the scenes i. Really don’t know you know i’m just. Speculating but you know. You know that it’s there’s some proof. About some of the stuff i’ve been shown. Some of that information presented some. Of that information. I don’t know how factual some of that. Information is but i’m taking them. Taking the information from what it’s. Worth but they you know arbitrage apex. They are being investigated by the fbi. By the sec so i think a lot of stuff. That they were trying to do with their. Leverage exchange was a way to get away. From you know their their previous. History you know i think just the one of. The biggest problems that i have with. Apex arbitrage was that the token swap. Because all of the time that a lot of. These investors were investing we were. Told that there was only you know 8.9. Million tokens and i that you know up. And up until pretty much when i was. Basically putting in all of my money. That i had left just to try to pull out. You know my my daily money from my a bot. Because of the restrictions with a fifty. Thousand you know our rule but once they. Did that and i think that a lot of that. Information came out i think it was it. Was very obvious that the the token. Supply was was heavily overinflated and. You know then we got information from. Shoe money that was basically confirming. That fact that there was at least like. 40 million tokens at least you know if. Not more and you know then they came out. With the apex token they tried to screw. Investors by only offering a third of. The value of you know the you know the. Apex swap from arb to apex even though. They’re inflating the supply to a. Hundred million and then when the. Community just actually went up an. Upward and just was so upset with. Everything to happen they changed that. And now it just looks like it’s the same. Old situation where no one trusts the. Token supply and i and i don’t think. They should no one can withdraw no one. Can. Cel there’s not in a way to sell the. Only people it seems that are able to. Sell are people that are in david’s. Inner circle that are able to jump the. Line and get at the front of the order. Book and sell at this this very very low. Price and i think i’ve mentioned in the. Past where i feel wait for the internet. To come back. Oh. Where is she’s sorry for the internet. Issues. Are you guys able to see me i don’t. Think you are. Oh geez. You guys can see the stream i’m still. Getting the circle of death okay all. Right well if you guys can see the. Stream i’m still getting this the the. Circle of death so anyways i lost my. Train of thought there but yeah i think. That there was some information i think. There was some information that was on. You know that i believe that they had. Bots that were running on on the. Internal exchange that were buying like. If you were buying and selling on the. Arbitrage in exchange you were buying or. Selling to to david and not an in a peer. Peer to peer sense so there’s you know i. Don’t know it would be very hard to. Prove that but there’s you know there’s. When i was buying and selling. Especially when i when i was buying and. Selling a lot which was when you know i. Had to put in the 50k to basically get. Out my full investment on i think that. There was a lot of that going on you. Know i didn’t really kind of fully. Realize it until you know right towards. The end when when now what was happening. But um anyways that’s that’s kind of my. Theory i’m still getting the circle of. Death. So i apologize for that i don’t. Understand i can’t switch i can’t switch. Switch my internet either. So yeah sorry sorry for the internet. Issues. But anyways i think i’m gonna kind of. Wrap up the stream here i’ll do another. Update here pretty soon you know i just. Kind of wanted to talk a little bit. About it if you guys have some. Information you want to share i think a. Lot of people have the same goal we’re. Just trying to get our investment out of. Arbitrage inc you know at fair market. Value but you know i’m not really sure. You know if that’s gonna happen so we’ll. See.

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