Running multiple Bitcore BTX masternode on a single VPS?

Updated 5/5/2020

The short answer is yes it’s possible but it depend on your hardware and software confirguration.

In general running a masternode can be expensive due to the monthly rent of the VPS from a Datacenter like DigitalOcean Vultr Hostinger and so on, there might be cheaper one but we don’t know how reliable, since MasterNode required stability uptime of 24/24, any interruption can make you loose your profit or profit basically get wiped leaving you with nothing for the day and if it happened daily you make no profit. So it’s best to pick the most stable hardware and software Datacenter.

I did some research on how to have multiple MasterNode on a single VPS, make sure your VPS can handle it. Let say you have 2GB ram you can run 1 MN (MasterNode) safely without much issue. Now let say if you want to add additional MasterNode on the same VPS then you would need an additional IPv4 from your VPS provider, contact them and ask for one with a cost off course, then you would add that IPv4 to your existing server and run another setup of MasterNode #2, now since you only have 2GB Ram might want to enable Swap config can be found here so that just in case your 2GB of RAM (physical) used up it can Swap and use your storage as Ram temporary. The issue you might run into running multiple MasterNode is the Ram, it might crashed or whatever and cause your MasterNode to be unstable and there go your profit for the day.

So the recommendation was 1 masternode per 2gb RAM vps. You can possibly install 2 masternode with additional IP and enable Swap. So you can do the math and make determination on what best for you. You could get a 10GB Ram VPS or something or get separate VPS with 1-2GB Ram, then install multiple MasterNode. Compare the prices buying 10GB ram vs buying 5 VPS with 2GB ram.

Sadly I have not done one VPS with multiple masternode yet, but all I know is I got confirmation that this is possible if I have multiple IPv4 and my hardware can support it. It’s a matter of adding the additional IPv4 into your server and repeat the MasterNode setup just like your first one.