What’s the latest with arbitraging.co arb token platform?

After reviewing many youtube videos and many telegram arb related chat, and also from blogs and forums on the internet. There appears to be 80% to 90% said it’s a scam with long exiting scam strategy despite the fact that John Mcafee was somehow connected to arbitraging.co arb token recently with the crypto credit card, apparently with that affiliation it still didn’t help arb token much.

Youtubers that promote talk about arb token arbitraging.co appears to be skeptical although don’t admit it. Most if not all of these arb token arbitraging.co youtubers only talk about arb topic, if you clicked on the youtuber account videos, all you really see are 99% arbitraging.co arb token topic video, nothing else. Isn’t this an indication that these youtubers are playing it safe? meaning that they know this platform arb token arbitraging.co is a scam, or at least they know one day will get shut down and the youtubers can delete their youtube account gone with the wind so that they don’t have to worry about being connected back to the scam?

There are too many arb related Telegram chat group at the moment, and none of it appears to be official. The official arb token arbitraging.co Telegram chat room have almost 10,000 users but at least 1000 to 2000 got permanent banned, and that original channel appears to be locked, basically you can join but will not be able to speak except the admins. Other newer chat room like arb love and arb community page started out professionally but eventually turned negative as well. There isn’t much users left that are interested in arb token arbitraging.co, maybe 2000 users the most still actively checking their account and doing something, other than that the rest of the users left and those probably either abandoned their tokens took a loss and move on, not worth it to do anything else for small account holder, and perhaps they may still have hope now and then checking into the platform that is all these users investors can do. Forget about reporting to the Police or authority, they’re not going to do a damn thing unless it’s proven and loss of $1 million +, in which I don’t think anyone is loosing that much, either they already make profit or just barely ROI (return of investments) and the platform is not down it’s still up and running.

There are negative things about arb token arbitraging.co, many actually. Lack of communication, if they do communicate something or schedule something to be done, it’s never on-time or never happened. If there are foreseeing changes that they will make, they never really communicate prior to the change, they just change it and see how the community react. At this point, many people if not all doubt that there was ever a aBot working to make profit for you, if there was then what happen to the profit aBot making daily? certainly it’s not paying the users investors because the aBot profit of let say “0.51 % Today Profit” but what you really get is “0.15%” that is equivalent to how much most bank give you total of 2-3% max yield annually. They have many clever implementation that got implemented to prevent users from doing many things related to sell and withdraw their arb to eth, without any prior notice. They have many modules added to the platform such as mBot, Vault, Auction, and so on, including the new Trade Pro but never really work. Additional Exchanges Externally was added, but the volume is super low or next to nothing, it’s been almost 6 months and still not much volume, how much time does it need? What happen to the lotto plan?

So what are the positive? Recently people were surprised to see John Mcafee tweet about the Next Card Mcafee card or so call crypto card being developed, will this go through? There are already sign up (pre-signup that is) but really how many people actually sign up for this card as pre-signup from the arb token platform? given out your personal information, maybe address for now, maybe ID later, then eventually your ID passport required a selfie and then your social security #, so much for no KYC? Apparently this triggered the price of arb to increase a little bit for a few days then went back down to where it was, perhaps it is just news, it’s not officially released, but will it get released? or is it just another “arb token arbitraging.co DP did it again?”

Many people think this arb token arbitraging.co is the greatest platform because it’s going above and beyond, trying new things, improving it as they go and maybe one day they will hit a jackpot, well at least some people are with it, but most if not all don’t want to waste time with it. What arb token platform really doing is indeed trying new things and hope that one day they will hit a jackpot, apparently some people are with them and waiting for one day that they will hit a jackpot on things that they’re working on, trying, implementing, testing and so on, but what they don’t realize are most of what arb arbitraging.co doing already exist on many other platform already, nothing new, even the crypto card so call no KYC, I can tell you there is no such thing as no KYC. That bank that they talk about BWI (bank of west indies) If you look at the filing and address of this bank ” http://search.sunbiz.org/Inquiry/CorporationSearch/SearchResultDetail?inquirytype=EntityName&directionType=ForwardList&searchNameOrder=BANKWESTINDIESINTERNATIONAL%20L170000358510&aggregateId=flal-l17000035851-1b643acf-f989-47e2-b741-a4a1d36cf427&searchTerm=bankunited&listNameOrder=BANKVISIONINFORMATIONSERVICES%20P090000935920 ” and look on google search map, the address exist but the bank don’t exist and perhaps this big building is just a virtual office suite renting for $60 a month.

My final thought on this arb token arbitraging.co as of today is, I believe that they are working hard on many things, trying to change many things, trying to implement many things, and hope that one day they will hit some true innovative and original because today what they’re trying already exist all of it. Other than that I think arb token arbitraging.co will fail just like the rest, the previous one like coingeneration.com cointellect.com many years ago did the same thing and they couldn’t come up with anything true innovation and original therefore eventually they closed gone with the wind, and no one was ever arrested and charged and I mean no one even with the latest bitconnect none got arrested. So be careful folks, do not invest money you cannot afford to loose, because chances are you will loose all of it, better to loose it fast at casino than loosing it painfully slow each day stress and depress.