A solution to prevent California fire that is still burning now and the future with AI

This fire that is currently burning California could have been prevented. I’m not talking about prevent forest fire by not smoking, put out fire when leaving the camp ground or bbq, don’t drive over dry grass … whatever the smokey the bear said below: Only you can prevent wildfires Always be careful with fire Never play with matches or lighters Always watch your campfire Make sure your campfire is completely out before leaving it What I am talking about is something bigger but very simple Read more […]

The best way to get a Vietnam visa without all the hassle and headache

The short answer is to get the Vietnam Visa when you purchase the ticket at the travel agency where you bought the ticket, the ticket should bundle with the Vietnam visa included. However if you bought the airfare ticket online like expedia then the visa is not included. The Vietnam visa is required for all USA citizenship visitors. Over the years the price has gone up from $25 to $135 then back down to about $90 it fluctuates constantly so don’t be surprise if one day your travel to Vietnam Read more […]

Nice gesture from harborfreight company donated $million to education related school

If I have money, I would have done the same, donate to your local school or education to help educate kids, they are our future when we retire. Yes they are our future, if we don’t educate them today, when we retired where we have no energy to do anything but just watch or you want to enjoy then educate kids today with proper education by donating funds to education like harborfreight did. On Tuesday, April 23, 2019, 5:05:45 PM EDT, Eric Smidt, Harbor Freight Tools Founder [email protected] Read more […]

Tax is due soon on “due by midnight April 15, 2019” for all of USA resident must file.

Whether you make $0 this year or $1 billion dollars, you must file tax, I wouldn’t trust people telling you, you don’t have to file if you make less than $15k or even less than $5k, there are situation or circumstances that would required you to file tax return yearly. Use turbotax the FREE FREE FREE … version and simply fill out and it will tell you whether you need to file or not, at least there are records of you doing it. The #1 thing to do is NEVER EVER LIED on your tax, you can ignore certain Read more […]

Not only Vietnam China or other countries even here in the USA roadway expanding are taking over your private property

I have came across a post from nextdoor.com about neighboring folks receiving letters from the city or county that the roadway will need to be expanded and in order to do that some residential property will get impacted and probably get push back their yard in order to expand the road. This is happening everywhere in the world, some will get compensated, some may choose their own decision to just stay and so on and so forth. This is especially for old neighborhood with lots and lots of people are Read more […]

How to get anyone social media account post blocked or deleted? even the president.

Very simple answer: Flag the post as Spam. Although it takes more than one person to flag the post as Spam, to any hackers or script kiddies or even kids whom into the internet for a while would know to just spend a few dollars and get a bunch of bots or even human click to click on the post report as Spam and within minutes to hours that post will get flagged and blocked and typically get deleted. The user or owner of the post will obviously get notified and say it’s a mistake but it will be definitely Read more […]

Good bye Mr. George H. W. Bush 41st president of the united states back in Presidential term: January 20, 1989 – January 20, 1993 RIP

Thank you for your service to the USA MR. George H. W. Bush. I think you and your done a great job being president protecting out country like many other presidents before you and to this day. Rest in peace. God bless. One thing for sure, the whole USA is taking a day off to remember our 41st president. Stock market will be closed. Except Bitcoin cryptocurrencies open 24/7 🙂 On Tuesday, December 4, 2018, 10:54:58 AM EST, Robinhood <[email protected]> wrote:</[email protected]> Robinhood Read more […]

Happy Veterans Day here in the USA November 11th 2018

I am Vietnamese American, first generation and I would like to say a few words to the Veterans people. My country Vietnam was taken over by the communist regime back in the late 60s to 70s where the war was fought and ended in 1975 with the communist took over (Viet Cong). However many Vietnamese were able to fled the country in 1975 with the US military to the USA. The many like myself had to suffer the post war ended very few have food and luckily we live in a country side where we grow our own Read more […]

Should I hold my Ethereum coin or invest in arbitraging.co ARB coin?

I think this is a big question as Ethereum coin price are moving up. Should I hold my Ethereum coin or invest in arbitraging.co ARB coin? Not just Ethereum coin but many other cryptos coins are moving up, price increase trend, especially for Bitcoin Cash. For Bitcoin cash it’s kind of a different story, since the hard fork has been scheduled to have snap shot taken on bitcoin cash block chain on November 15th 2018 which is about 10 days away. People are taking advantage of the fork to get free Read more […]

Coatesville Pennsylvania 19320 especially the newly constructed homes in Oakcrest community have the worst power outage issue

I have a few friends living in this area the state of Pennsylvania, Coatesville, zip code 19320 Oakcrest community newly constructed homes. There has been a lot of complaint from how badly the Oakcrest home owner association have problem on communication with the communities there and the construction crews. On top of that power outage issue constantly happening more frequent and often, probably due to the facts that more homes are being built and power usage in use but the power grid still the same, Read more […]