$10 device that can help you listen to anything anywhere via your mobile phone

“N9 2 Mic Automatic Monitoring Listening Devices in Acoustic Alarm Mini Elderly and Children Caring Device Voice System” 45dB audio and away 4meter if there are sound it will call you and and you can listen in. Basically the way this device work is, you can place it anywhere and when it detect audio or any sound that is 45dB or so, it will dial your mobile phone and you can listen in. So I think this is a great device, it’s small compact and rechargeable or you can plug into any typical phone Read more […]

Walmart credit card visa master through Synchrony Bank very helpful customer service activate my 6 12 months promotion after purchase

Just want to give a shout out to Walmart Synchrony Bank customer service through online messaging, solved my issue. What happened was I took advantage of the 6 or 12 months no interest charge for purchase with my Walmart Master Card but the certificate was not printable at the time, and I didn’t have time to call or chat with customer service so I went to the store and purchase the item (2 laptops by the way total $1000), at Walmart cashier I ask them about the promotional offer with no interest, Read more […]

Latest update from Quicken Loan “We Heard Your Feedback and Made a Change”

Quicken Loans also known as Rocket Mortgage, mass advertise on the internet and on TV as well, they’re pretty responsive and follow through thoroughly although some may not like it because they move away from the traditional method of paperwork to more more updated process with e-signature and credit history extracting analyzing your bank transactions automatically with your authorization that is, then it will determine whether you qualified or not based on your financial risk. On Friday, March Read more […]

Did you claim the free airdrop $150 ENERGI coin NRG? “Newsletter: PoS Guide & Free $NRG with Energi Rain!”

Come on folks, you can get $150 worth free ENERGI coin NRG just by confirming your identity, well for most people they wouldn’t or would give out their identity such as driver license, but if you trust and believe with ENERGI NRG, you confirm your identity and get 100NRG or so equivalent to $150 at the time of the announcement, very simple to register through their official site. https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/energi/#markets https://www.energi.world/ On Friday, March 29, 2019, 4:44:26 Read more […]

Fix this error when trying to print from Yahoo mail “Yahoo Mail has encountered a problem. Please wait a moment and then try going to your Inbox again”

The problem is when I tried to print an email from YahooMail, after clicking on the print icon on top of email, I get an error message “Yahoo Mail has encountered a problem. Please wait a moment and then try going to your Inbox again” well trying to wait a moment, and re-try no luck … the quick fix is, not to use that icon printing, instead scroll to the bottom where there is more option on the three dot (…) click on it and there should be a print option to select, that should pop up the print Read more […]

Fake American express email “We have limited your card activities and all your recent transactions are on hold due to incomplete account details”

Ok who’s falling for this scam? hopefully none of use, but sadly there are some people that will fall for this scam. It’s basically a phishing email scam, a fake American Express email notification to scare you to immediately go into a hacker’s website that replicate look exactly like the real american express website and whatever you typed on that page will be sent to the hacker and wahlah your account is hacked along with your personal information whatever you typed. Do not fall for this type Read more […]

More news update from novachain.cc “Tick Tock. Our Greatest Sale of the Year!”

On Wednesday, March 27, 2019, 4:41:49 PM EDT, NovaChain [email protected] wrote: Can’t see images? Click here… Dear NOVACHAIN Community, After months of preparation and exhaustive internal testing, we are pleased to announce exciting news. The curtain is finally rising on T-REX, our A.I. trading bot that recently made headlines when it was showcased in front of the entire world. We are set to go live in just a few short days, and we want to give you an inside peek as to what you can initially Read more […]

LOL “vanguard” product novachain.cc latest update news “Surprise! Save the date”

I must say novachain.cc is in better shape than arbitraging.cc although both are pretty much the same ponzi style scheme or scam rather. It’s funny how novachain.cc uses the word “vanguard” like the real Vanguard company. On Wednesday, March 27, 2019, 12:34:49 PM EDT, NovaChain [email protected] wrote: Can’t see images? Click here… Dear NOVACHAIN Community, Save the date! As you all know, this Friday is the big release of our vanguard product, T-REX! To help the community get things off Read more […]

What’s the latest on arbitraging.co arb token platform? BWI Bank of West Indies partnership?

According to telegram official chat group room, people were able to figured out the bank logo tied to BWI which is Bank of West Indies, I don’t know much about this bank, however it appear to be in the USA some where in Florida. Now any bank in the USA would required some strict rules to follow, are they FDIC insured? Anyhow so now the users investors know the bank arb said they’re partnership with, but it’s not official, and we don’t know what partnership mean? is it sending them money and they Read more […]