Bitcoin mining will cause air pollution? how to stay green?

Not just Bitcoin mining, but all other Cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum Litecoin and so on will use a lot of energy power (electricity) and those power came from where you would get it to your home, the power plant burning coal, fossil fuel, and others none related to solar power, wind turbine, and water turbine that is. Oh wait, did I just mention solar power, wind turbine and water turbine? yes I did, so how is this effecting the environment? Apparently some writer from Medium overlook this Read more […]

How does Wawa credit card work? 5 cent off or 10 cent off per gallon of gas purchases?

How do I know if I get 10 cent per gallon off or 5 cent per gallon off? I applied for this card for the special promotional ongoing 5 cent or 10 cent off, however I don t see anywhere that I get 10 cent or 5 cent per gallon off. We received your recent e-mail regarding the account. Please be advised that the discount for the fuel purchased will be reflected as a credit on your monthly statement. As per our records a credit in the amount of $ was posted to your account on mm/dd/yyyy. For further Read more […]

Amazon BFULL Binoculars “[Important] Tips and Service for Bfull Binoculars !!”

If you purchased the Amazon BFULL Binoculars or have one and it’s not working for you following guide on the manual, maybe try the following it will fix it like the one I have. Basically how to adjust it before you call it not working, piece of crap, junk … well most items are not really junk, it’s just that you need some specially attention to it to make it work correctly. Below are latest direction how to adjust it optimal level for your BFULL binoculars. On Tuesday, April 23, 2019, 5:21:26 Read more […]

$10 device that can help you listen to anything anywhere via your mobile phone

“N9 2 Mic Automatic Monitoring Listening Devices in Acoustic Alarm Mini Elderly and Children Caring Device Voice System” 45dB audio and away 4meter if there are sound it will call you and and you can listen in. Basically the way this device work is, you can place it anywhere and when it detect audio or any sound that is 45dB or so, it will dial your mobile phone and you can listen in. So I think this is a great device, it’s small compact and rechargeable or you can plug into any typical phone Read more […]

Free one year Webhosting with cPanel

If you have a domain sitting around and don’t know what to do with it, maybe it’s time to build a website, and what’s better than FREE, because I came across an email today giving free website hosting for 1st year then $25 yearly after that. I signed up here and appears to be legit and Free as follow: Product/Service – Special Web Hosting Package DescriptionServices: 5Gbps DDoS Protected Special Web Hosting Promotion: FREE for the FIRST Read more […]

Walmart credit card promotional offers 6 and 12 months no interest coupon code

ess011829_walmart_credit_card_promotional_no_interest_6_12_months_2019Download This is a hard to find coupon code file for your walmart purchase on your walmart credit card allowing you to pay 6 or 12 months with no interest. So if you planning to buy a big screen LED LCD TV computers laptop whatever, you might want to consider using the walmart credit card to take advantage of the offer no interest if paid within 6 or 12 months depend on the receipt total. Read more […]

Make money when you shop online through

I’ve talked about this before, but eBates is awesome it’s been around the longest and have high payout for your shopping online. Let say you want to buy something from ebay you will get average of 6% money back for each purchase, same with shopping on amazon and walmart. However for some reason homedepot don’t offer any cash back at all not just from ebates, but none from anywhere else similar to eBate, so yeah not all, but at least many. I shop online 90% of the time now a day, through amazon Read more […]