Anyone ordered delivered water to your front door and have a bunch of empty bottle lying around?

I’m just wondering if I’m the only one whom have a bunch of empty water bottle lying around because I kept on forgetting to return the empty bottle back to the water delivering company LOL 🙂 At the beginning, these companies sent a schedule date of your delivery, and they’re mostly ontime and I need to leave the empty bottle for them to pick up. Well, I kept of forgetting the delivering date. Now they went high-tech and sent the delivery notice via email, that help a little bit, but not much. Read more […]

Fake “We Want Your Feedback!” [email protected] you will not get $10

Over the years, there has been many programs where you take survey to get paid via gift cards and so on. Well, lately there has been a lot of not so truthful and safe to say fake or scam survey just want your true opinion but will not pay you anything for your time either by saying already have enough people, or you’re not qualified. Well, the truth is, you took the survey, and they got the result what they need, you’re a donkey! in other word, the “sucker” is you, you felt for the trick. Let’s Read more […]

Bitcoin is in the positive number start of the week

Last week for a few days straight it’s been in the positive, many would thought this week it will go down in the red. However today, starting of the week, it’s still in the positive green, but we don’t know for how long. Predicting Bitcoin price is like predicting on who will win the lottery or what # will be the winning #, yeah exactly! we don’t know 🙂 The only thing for an average Bitcoin enthusiast like myself here today is to watch the price, and read the news. I no longer doing any mining, Read more […]

Pope Francis was in the USA last week what have we learned?

I’m a catholic. I’ve been watching the Pope visit the US over the last few days, especially last couple of days, Saturday and Sunday where he’s in Philadelphia. What have I learned personally? Pope Francis to me is all about unity, care for each others, everyone is included. This is easy to say than done. How do we do it? First I think through a lot of prayers where god will lend a hand. With faith that it can be done among all of us, I believe that can be done, it’s a like a chain reaction. Pope Read more […]

2005 Nissan Quest Red Brake Light and Battery flashing on/off on dashboard?

If you have a 2005 Nissan Quest, and on your dashboard, the Brake Light and Battery light flashing on/off not consistently, it mean your battery is not charging. Your battery is not charging it could be one of the top two problem. Your Battery is bad or your Alternator is bad. If you’re on the road, stop by the next nearest auto store such as Autozone, AdvancedAuto, Kragen, whatever … even auto repair garage shop although they may charge you a fee for diagnosing the problem. There’s a Read more […]

Bitcoin price continue to climb today

Well not a big jump, but over the past couple days it’s in the positive direction mostly. There isn’t any good news at all, and it’s still in the positive position. Not a big jump is a good thing my personal opinion, because meaning it’s stabilized. It has been stabilized for months now at $200s, where it supposed to be I guess. I have to admit it, that I purchased some Bitcoin using my no interest credit card, a small volume, but I’ve already paid off all 🙂 and I don’t think I will ever do Read more […]

Russian planning to criminalize all Bitcoin activities including transaction mining owning

Despite some news about Russia planning on to criminalize anyone whom have anything to do with Bitcoin, including transacting, owning, and mining, but apparently that news doesn’t hurt Bitcoin price today, it went up over 3% to $234. Russia doesn’t have much activities with Bitcoin in the market anyways, so maybe that’s why it doesn’t impact bitcoin price much. Let’s hope that other countries are not threatening Bitcoin as Russia does. However Bitcoin price going up and down like this doesn’t Read more […]

AMD does not honor late games coupon activation no exception!

I wrote on my previous entry blog in regard to redeeming my game coupon, it got expired, see if they can help make it an exception. Well I received a respond today from AMD (AMD4U D4U Support <[email protected]> ) saying that they will not honor my late game coupon redemption, furthermore their email below offer no exception because of the Terms of Service they have.  Oh well, it was a good tried. If you run into same situation as me, don’t waste your time, AMD will not honor your Read more […]

Replacing new brake pads without resurfacing your brake disc or rotors can cause noise

I still have a 2005 Nissan Quest family car, and I’ve been doing my own maintenance. It has 103K miles on it, and I think it’s to replace the spark plugs, but I think that will be painful. Anyhow, the latest maintenance I did was replacing the brake pad. After putting on a new brake pads, all four wheels, it started to make screeching noise when I applied the brake at certain point, somewhere in the middle of the pedal, not when it’s completely down or at the beginning. Also sometime the steering Read more […]

Seized or stuck Wheel Bearing 2005 Nissan Quest solution for $2

I have a 2005 Nissan Quest with 103K miles on it. It’s making a lot of “won …won …won …won …won …won …” noise or sound when driving, doesn’t matter what speed. I did some research and confirmed it’s the Wheel Bearing. I purchased both front pair and back pair for about $150 in ebay, probably made in China or cheap brand, well now a day anything made in China anyways. Beside my 2005 model is over 10 years old, why spend a ton of money. However I started to work on replacing the Wheel Read more […]