TERN Ternio Blockcard will be on Ethereum ERC-20 tokens? “100M TERN Burn on Stellar”

Yes. https://etherscan.io/token/0xf5bee9a3a9e8140c09f10afcb9eefdf056c355a1 On Tuesday, June 23, 2020, 08:03:19 AM EDT, Ternio BlockCard™ <[email protected]> wrote: Big news — Ternio is burning 100,000,000 TERN from the Stellar chain and making them available on Ethereum!Hi , For the past two years the Ternio team has worked hard to bring adoption and utility to TERN with BlockCard. TERN is as good as cash and can be spent (with BlockCard) at over 50 million merchants worldwide! Read more […]

Test deposit into blockcard.com Ternio token coin to see balance fluctuation

I got my blockcard Ternio. Just activated it and ignoring my balance deposit of $150 initially now currently show I only have $100 balance and $90 spendable balance, so I loss $50, not including the $10 minimum balance. Also there will be $5 fee if I don’t transact at least $750 a month on this blockcard. Now I’m testing the deposit of $750 to see if I can get 145,000 Ternio coin tokens to qualify for the 6% interest rewards. Currently I have 18,272 Ternio TERN coin balance and the Total balance Read more […]

Getting my blockcard through getblockcard.com KYC process

Alright so I have been trying to get my Blockcard credit debit card (visa/master) and trying to understand how it work. I must say, it does not look like very promising because due to all the negative reviews I have read, although some positive reviews but seems to be for marketing purpose or affiliate or the staff or promoter themselves. I do not really know until I get the card and use it, so will see. Let first review how it got me to the BlockCard website to getblockcard.com I was useing Read more […]

Blockcard Credit card better than Bitrefill.com giftcards?

Look like there’s a service or business that offer a crypto visa master credit card the Blockcard (getblockcard.com) that let you deposit crypto and spend fiat like USD with it. I was using Brave browser and a popup took me to this site getblockcard.com seems legit. I did some research on google and youtube, based on people whom had this card did a review and seems to be legit. So I took advantage of this ad with a $10 bonus to apply for the card. The registration process was simple, just Read more […]