HitBTC “Stay up to date with the latest events via HitBTC’s new digest” support BTX Bitcore

This trading platform HitBTC support Bitcore BTX exchange, just in case you’re into Bitcore BTX. Bitcore BTX have active developer support but somehow it couldn’t move up much, probably need some marketing people. There are coins out there that have no background of their developers are but were able to push themselves up to the top 100s list on coins tracking website like coinmarketcap.com On Wednesday, May 6, 2020, 07:41:01 PM EDT, HitBTC Team <[email protected]> wrote: HitBTCDear Trader, We Read more […]

How to install Bitcore BTX Multiple Masternodes?

For Bitcore BTX the process appears to be simple, not that hard. After you’ve successfully set up your first Bitcore BTX Masternode using the direction from the developer in Bitcore Telegram official channel, adding addition Masternodes not that difficult, at least not really for me. Based on this procedure https://www.reddit.com/r/bitcore_btx/comments/fv9b8a/bitcore_masternode_guide/ Under Wallet Setup Repeat step 4 to 9. Make sure to use different name or IP … On step 8 make sure to add additional Read more […]

Bitcore BTX wallet Quick Guide: Replacing Blockchain Data with Bootstrap

If you’re having problem with your Bitcore BTX wallet, then try the latest version on bitcore.cc or use the procedure below to fix it. bitcore_qt-win64-with-bootstrap-installer.exebitcore-qt-win64.exe Quick Guide: Replacing Blockchain Data with Bootstrap IMPORTANT:This guide only works with the default configuration, personal configurations are not considered in this guide! ### Follow these steps:1. Stop your QT Wallet.2. Press WIN + R and use %AppData%\BitCore to open your BitCore Data Read more […]

Bitcore BTX This guide (blockchain fix) only works if you have followed the Masternode Quick Guide

[Forwarded from BitCore (BTX) NEWS-Info Channel (Lukas)] IMPORTANT: This guide (blockchain fix) only works if you have followed the Masternode Quick Guide. Personal configurations are not considered in this guide. ### Stop your BitCore Daemon bitcore-cli stop ### Remove Data cd ~/.bitcore rm -r blocks/ chainstate/ indexes/ sporks/ *.dat *.log .lock masternode.conf ### Download, Extract and Copy Bootstrap Files cd .. apt install unzip wget https://github.com/LIMXTEC/BitCore/releases/download/ unzip Read more […]

Running multiple Bitcore BTX masternode on a single VPS?

Updated 5/5/2020 https://www.bitcointran.com/2020/05/05/how-to-install-bitcore-btx-multiple-masternodes/ The short answer is yes it’s possible but it depend on your hardware and software confirguration. In general running a masternode can be expensive due to the monthly rent of the VPS from a Datacenter like DigitalOcean Vultr Hostinger and so on, there might be cheaper one but we don’t know how reliable, since MasterNode required stability uptime of 24/24, any interruption can make you Read more […]

How to setup Bitcore BTX master node to do “staking”?

Updated May 2nd 2020. There was some chain issue, please refer to this link to fix. This is a fix only not the whole installation process of the MasterNode. Ok so let one thing correct, Bitcore BTX staking? No, it’s actually running master node (MN) “Masternodes and Staking while usually implemented together, are actually completely separate consensus mechanisms. … They both accomplish distributed consensus via locking of “stake” ,which acts like collateral that they will not attack the Read more […]

How to backup and restore your Bitcore BTX QT upgrade wallet

First of all, do not worry about about getting hack or loss your funds of BTX Bitcore if you encrypted your wallet and back it up offline like on CD Rom multiple one, USB drive I do not trust it so much because it does not have long shelf life. I do not recall QT have seeds words directly, but you can do it indirectly though which is a bit complicated. So once again you should always have a copy of your wallet.dat file for your Bitcore QT wallet and ensure it is encrypted and above all remember Read more […]

New Bitcore BTX QT wallet odarhom Connecting to peers …. problem issue?

Easy fix if you have Windows 7 64 bit, just right click and run this wallet as Administrator. First of all, Bitcore BTX is not the same as Bitcoin Core, these two are different. BTX is Bitcore, and Bitcoin Core is Bitcoin https://bitcoin.org/en/bitcoin-core/ I believe this is a known thing, not really an issue or problem, but the way the app software was created all QT related wallet probably not a windows approved application to be run without Administrative right would required to be manually Read more […]