$10 device that can help you listen to anything anywhere via your mobile phone

“N9 2 Mic Automatic Monitoring Listening Devices in Acoustic Alarm Mini Elderly and Children Caring Device Voice System” 45dB audio and away 4meter if there are sound it will call you and and you can listen in. Basically the way this device work is, you can place it anywhere and when it detect audio or any sound that is 45dB or so, it will dial your mobile phone and you can listen in. So I think this is a great device, it’s small compact and rechargeable or you can plug into any typical phone Read more […]

Not only Vietnam China or other countries even here in the USA roadway expanding are taking over your private property

I have came across a post from nextdoor.com about neighboring folks receiving letters from the city or county that the roadway will need to be expanded and in order to do that some residential property will get impacted and probably get push back their yard in order to expand the road. This is happening everywhere in the world, some will get compensated, some may choose their own decision to just stay and so on and so forth. This is especially for old neighborhood with lots and lots of people are Read more […]

Nissan Quest van electronic automatic sliding door stuck not working? – fixed

If you have a Nissan Quest with automatic electronic sliding door stuck or don’t open close fully. The fix I did was simply clean all the mechanism like gear wheels that move the door, and if you can open the inside panel and clean the gears motors and cable as well with WD-40. Basically try to clean all the gears mechanism that move the door first to see if the door move freely without any force. I recommend WD-40, just spray it and move the door back and forth while spraying. After the WD-40 Read more […]

Nissan Quest code P0340 P0345 scan just replace all three sensors

If you have a Nissan Quest, in my case I have a 2005 Nissan Quest, one day the engine start stalling and service engine light came on with a bunch of other like the TCS SLIP. Then when I tried to start the engine again, it cranked for a very long time but it does start and probably safe to drive for short distance like home or automotive shop. When I plug in the odb2 scanners and scan it, I get error codes like the P0340 P0345 and these tied to the camshaft position sensors. Sometime only one, Read more […]

2005 Nissan Quest Red Brake Light and Battery flashing on/off on dashboard?

If you have a 2005 Nissan Quest, and on your dashboard, the Brake Light and Battery light flashing on/off not consistently, it mean your battery is not charging. Your battery is not charging it could be one of the top two problem. Your Battery is bad or your Alternator is bad. If you’re on the road, stop by the next nearest auto store such as Autozone, AdvancedAuto, Kragen, whatever … even auto repair garage shop although they may charge you a fee for diagnosing the problem. There’s a Read more […]

Replacing new brake pads without resurfacing your brake disc or rotors can cause noise

I still have a 2005 Nissan Quest family car, and I’ve been doing my own maintenance. It has 103K miles on it, and I think it’s to replace the spark plugs, but I think that will be painful. Anyhow, the latest maintenance I did was replacing the brake pad. After putting on a new brake pads, all four wheels, it started to make screeching noise when I applied the brake at certain point, somewhere in the middle of the pedal, not when it’s completely down or at the beginning. Also sometime the steering Read more […]

Seized or stuck Wheel Bearing 2005 Nissan Quest solution for $2

I have a 2005 Nissan Quest with 103K miles on it. It’s making a lot of “won …won …won …won …won …won …” noise or sound when driving, doesn’t matter what speed. I did some research and confirmed it’s the Wheel Bearing. I purchased both front pair and back pair for about $150 in ebay, probably made in China or cheap brand, well now a day anything made in China anyways. Beside my 2005 model is over 10 years old, why spend a ton of money. However I started to work on replacing the Wheel Read more […]