What’s the latest with arbitraging.co arb token platform?

After reviewing many youtube videos and many telegram arb related chat, and also from blogs and forums on the internet. There appears to be 80% to 90% said it’s a scam with long exiting scam strategy despite the fact that John Mcafee was somehow connected to arbitraging.co arb token recently with the crypto credit card, apparently with that affiliation it still didn’t help arb token much. Youtubers that promote talk about arb token arbitraging.co appears to be skeptical although don’t admit it. Read more […]

Slow painful exit scam arb token arbitraging.co for users investors how long will it last?

How many users are really active now in chatting in arbitraging.co arb token telegram chat group? I think only a few, maybe 100 or less. How many investors are actually checking their account daily? I think less than 2000, maybe 1000. This is based on how many users are in the actual telegram chat group that is not the original official chat group, only 1000 users on at least 2 channels, and only a dozen or so actively participate in chatting. Will the owners or staffs of arbitraging.co arb Read more […]

novachain.cc Telegram chat group fake followers kept on increasing 3 thousand to almost 20 thousand within a month.

Over the past month, look like the numbers of Telegram followers had increased from from 3 thousand now to almost 20 thousand, and yet only a few people chatting, mostl admin. So who are these new Telegram followers in novachain.cc group? new investors users? – NO definitely not new users or investors, they are bots, in other word it’s fake Telegram followers package can be bought with few dollars for hundreds to thousands of Telegram followers join the Telegram chat group to make it appears popular. Read more […]

arbitraging.co said “we’ve not scam anyone yet” but when we do, all of you will get scammed

So what’s the latest with arbitraging.co ARB token platform? According to the Telegram ARB arbitraging.co chat group: well as expected it’s getting worst and worst, as more and more supporters and big investors users loosing hope, loosing faith, for almost 5 months now and counting since December 10th 2018. After one news announced to another news announced, seems to be just news that say will make the platform better but apparently not, and again this has been going for almost 5 months and counting. On Read more […]

Are you still wondering about arbitraging.co ARB token platform what’s next?

Below is a telegram chat room so call “ARB Love Community” written by a chatter probably been around with ARB for a while knowing a thing or two, at least he/she been monitoring it. Let first just to summarize arbitraging.co arb token platform. ARB has been working well until December 10th 2018. After this date, arbtraging.co began to have issue blaming on the users, after blaming the users arbitraging.co update the platform so call to fix it all, greatest invention ever, game changer, new Read more […]

Yet another yobit.net replica of the real coin “YoBit Rocket ICO in 14 hrs!”

Get in and get out fast folks, when you see profit sell right away and never look back. Yet yobit.net just announced another ICO coin within their trading platform, so call InvestBox. This time it’s the popular “Rocket” have to do with Russian is all I can say. Keep in mind, this is only within yobit.net platform for trading, you cannot withdraw the coin or anything like that, it’s just a some what like HYIP (high yield investment program) InvestBox or a ponzi coin where you purchase and the price Read more […]

What’s the latest on arbitraging.co scam arb tokens platform ponzi scheme?

According to the Telegram chat room of all 3 or four channels chat group for ARB tokens, all these chat room official and un-official chat for ARB has been shutting down on and off muting the whole channel on and off, and complete ban and mute of many users, why? – because ARB tokens has been exiting scam slowly. Arbitraging.co arb token exit scam is super slow, perhaps their method of exiting scam is smarter than others, arbitraging.co do not just shut down and disappear, instead they’re making Read more […]

Gemini Blockfi exchange platform confirmed that they offer 6.2% interest on bitcoin ethereum deposit

According to forbes website, https://blockfi.com/blockfi-news/blockfi-now-supporting-litecoin-gusd-for-crypto-backed-loans/ https://www.forbes.com/sites/billybambrough/2019/03/05/crypto-challenger-bank-offers-bitcoin-interest-account-and-has-great-rates/#563385e03878 indicated that Gemeni exchange offer 6.2% interest on your deposit. Whatever coins you deposit, you will get interest based on that coins and pay on that coin. So let say you deposit 10bitcoin, you will get 6.2% which is 0.62 bitcoin Read more […]

How long can platform like arbitraging.co and novachain.cc survive despite the cryptocurrencies market plummeting?

No doubt, it has been depressing to see the cryptocurrencies market plummeting drop like a rock over the past few days. Bitcoin BTC kept on going down to $1000 or lower perhaps back to the $250 or lower. Ethereum the same, heading down to lower than $100 probably $50 or lower. Ripple the same, and perhaps the biggest culprit for impacting the price is Bitcoin Cash hard fork occurred back in November 15th 2019 last week causing the whole market crash. Now if we look at stock market, it’s the same, Read more […]

mBot golive aBot earning for today is 2ARB based on 10ETH investment on arbitraging.co

1 aBot active investment Profit – 20 arb in usd ( 7.0953 ) Credit 2.0093446436763 2018-10-20 16:00:15 Look like mBot went live today on arbitraging.co The news did push the price of ARB went up a bit, however it was up and down all day long never really reach even $10, but hovering above $5 to $7 all day long as people buy and sell. The old users took profit by selling, the new investors went on board buying ARB investing in it to be exact. The telegram channel is very active for arbitraging.co Read more […]