Earnhoney.com restricted limited ads pay to your account “earnhoney your location is not qualified to earn points for this offer please try another offer”

Earnhoney.com now restricted or limited your earnings, although the ads play but you will not get paid, and it’s a hard stop forcing you to click OK in order to continue playing next videos, if you don’t click then it will not play and this result in earnhoney.com no longer passive earning of beermoney Read more […]

earnhoney.com is no longer highest earning passively for a year now

People should know that these types of programs don’t last long, there will be up and down as they tried to negociate new ads with the sponsors or advertisers. However earnhoney.com should be the best in doing this because they’re optincoin.org ico whitepaper ready but somehow ico was stopped and people whom withdraw optincoin got stuck with their coins on hold. Earnhoney is doogood media something like as I heard months ago where the ceo was talking making it big with blockchain technology but Read more […]

$3 a month non voip phone # from T-Mobile is among the only one that’s available today

If you need a landline #, or so called non-voip #, and at affordable price, T-Mobile prepaid probably the best and the only non-voip # available today. Have you ever encountered issues with bank, or related institution, included some money earning website such as swagbucks earnhoney and so on required you to have an actual phone that is not voip? well this is where the t-mobile $3 a month would help greatly. However the t-mobile prepaid monthly $3 is limited to 30mins or 30 text per month, perhaps Read more […]

Earnhoney.com is paying after super long delay but OPTIN coin is still pending

A few people I know doing Earnhoney.com said that they finally received payout today but only paid via gift card such as visa master debit credit card, not OPTIN coin. Look like OPTIN coin rain into some kind of of issue, it didn’t go live ICO as scheduled. At the same time all OPTIN coin payout frozen no one got payout via OPTIN coin at all, the status for everyone whom requested payout via OPTIN coin status pending for a long long time, over a month or more. Optin coin master address from Earnhoney. https://etherscan.io/address/0x8d6ff8d1ee7da15bcc4e55cf17de592b568329fb#tokentxns As Read more […]

Earnhoney.com hasn’t been paying since September 2018

I just want to share this news based on a few online friends I have that are using Earnhoney.com to watch videos and get points (OPTIN) and cash it to get gift card such as amazon and visa master card. However lately there hasn’t been support or people getting paid, both VIP and standard redemption. It appears that right after the news about OPTIN coins changed its mind about the ICOs https://www.optincoin.org/ as indicated below. Payments has been delayed, a few users complained about it and Read more […]