arb token erasing its track of scam by moving to new apex token and new owner?

Based on the archive of chat logs and youtubers that talks about arb token, look like there are still people that have hope and still waiting that one day arb token will rise again. It’s kind of silly that anyone would still think arb token now apex is not a scam.

Many legitimate articles written with careful research about now known as apex token indicated it’s a scam. ARB Apex token haven’t scam anyone, sure, they scammed everyone at the same time not like others scam platform where they do selective scam locking out certain people’s account, example locking out the account that have even profit pretending technical issue, while allowing new users account to deposit and invest.

ARB Apex token scam clearly have no aBot trading, there was never clear evidence of there was a bot that do trading, it was just another scam so call ponzi scam taking money from new investor to pay for older investors and pretend to be working hard on innovation. ARB Apex scam indication also when the platform stopped paying investors making up stories while allowing deposit into the platform but not paying out. Still people have hope and continue to invest.

ARB Apex scam owner David Peterson now appears to Jeremy Rounsville is his real identity, along with his wife on which people do not really know who she is, but eventually people will find out. There are a lot of good people out there that knows about computers including white hat hackers if they really want to reveal and locate the real identity of certain people. In this case so far ARB Apex is now a scam, there was never a bot doing the automatic trading, after one broken promises after another, and fake news, saying one thing but doing something else, think they can do this and do that but never did … There are just too many indication that ARB Apex are scam. The people whom invested early, some probably got their money back and the profit they made they put it back into the platform was a loss, the new investors loss obviously because they can’t withdraw or the price just way too low to sell it will be 90-99% loss. Basically if you have $100k invested, now you have maybe you have $10k and you can’t even withdraw that amount.

So what is ARB Apex token saying when people from telegram chat group and youtubers and forums blog voice their concern and complaints? The last sentence from the staff of ARB Apex was basically the policy of term of service when you invest in this platform you already agreed to the TOS that you may loose it all, and indeed most if not everyone loss money, and now the telegram chat group is closed muted no one can talk accept the scammers staff themselves . Who’s the winner here? the scammer ARB Apex they outsmarted all of the investors by making up stories, making up news, making up trade bots, making up arbitraging platform with fake data and new ERC20 tokens that can be created in 30 minutes off of the ethereum blockchain.

So what’s next? according the telegram chat group and youtube videos and many forums and blogs, some are very upset about this scam, and now seeking to report the local police, authorities FBI and even hiring lawyers and hitman looking for the owners and its staff. Most of the time this kind of case will take a long time to get the authorities to take action. In this case, since the owner have a picture of himself and some of his associates in the videos, the chances of getting caught might be high. However even if he is caught, chances are authority wouldn’t know how much money was involve because the cryptos transactions can be wiped off disappeared easily, only the amount of the investors reported and proven loss will be accounted as dollars value involved. The money or cryptos in this case Ethereum most likely hidden or split among the scammers themselves and they disappear one by one making stories for moving on or off the project, new owners and so on and so forth. In term of getting investors money back is next to nothing because there wasn’t fiat involve just cryptos, the scammer might face jail sentences if the angry investors mob don’t get him. If the investors prove the amount loss in fiat then scammer might be fined to that amount plus any court associates fees… The scammer owner probably know this is coming for him or her, so they probably stash this large amount of Cryptos ethereum somewhere safe or already given it to someone to convert to fiat already bought hidden luxury places ready to hide.