Scammers frequently play on their victim’s emotions. This is how even those most intelligent and vigilant can fall victim to fraud

This is so true, “Did you know scammers frequently play on their victim’s emotions? This is how even those most intelligent and vigilant can fall victim to fraud.” there was an email from WesternUnion below, the above statement is very true, no matter how smart you, how careful you care, who you are, it does not matter, hackers and scammers does not necessary using their computer knowledge hacking methods but rather also emotional social hacking skills so be careful. These scammers and hackers Read more […]

0.1% daily interest 3% monthly for your BTC deposit into “YoBit InvestBox”

Would you do it? after knowing as far as many people know, they’re not scam, but they ran a investbox platform for coins that mimic the real coins that only exist in there platform. So be careful when you invest into any of the coins offer high yield investment return such as the latest offer below, especially for Bitcoin 0.1% interest daily, or 3% monthly meaning if you invest 1bitcoin with 0.1% you will get 0.001bitcoin daily or 0.03bitcoin monthly, but the question is, is Read more […]

The best way to avoid getting hacked of all time 2020 and beyond

From my personal experiences and experiences of others on the internet. The best way to avoid getting hacked is, none, not possible, you will get hacked no matter what if you are being targeted. Not to say that you will hacked now or tomorrow. The reason I am saying that it is not possible not to hack is because of how much data of you already available publicly whether or not you’re doing any wrong on the internet, but data of your information was secured on government computers, banks computers, Read more […]

How to secure your Bitcoin to your beneficiary in an event that you died or loss of memory illness?

For me, since I trust google drive if I configured it correctly it is pretty much secure. Now a day most if not everyone have internet and an email, and chances are google gmail. I use the google feature that have basic monitoring of your status whether you’re active or inactive. Active mean it detect you’re online tied to your google account, inactive mean your account hasn’t been detected being online or active for a while. So by using this feature google can detect if you’re dead possible and Read more […]

How to search Bitcoin Ethereum crypto wallets on a computer?

It does not matter whether it’s a PC windows computer laptop or Linux, the fire structures naming are pretty much the same for all crypto wallets. The keyword to search for are *wallet*.*, *bitcoin*.*, and search for file name, folder name, all files directories of the hard drive. If any crypto wallet exist you should get a result showing. Maybe try *coin*.* also but I think that’s overkill. However if the wallet is backed up as compressed file such as a zip or rar file and the naming does not contain Read more […]

How to fast wipe your hard drive and sell on ebay safely

Easy steps are: Connect the hard drive, using external usb is fine also. Using Windows CMD (dos command prompt) Type in command: diskpart Then command: list disk Then select the disk you want to wipe and sell: select disk 1 Then command: clean Make sure you clean the correct drive. After clean is done, go to “Computer Management” then “Initialize” the hard drive and then “Quick format” is good enough. Your hard drive now wiped clean, next to impossible to recover any data unless Read more […]

Buy anything with Cryptos? through bitrefill gift card? “Bitrefill News – Shopping Cart, Lightning Conference, China Launch…”

So this is great news. Bitrefill have a lot of gift cards products from many top bran or online retailer store including travels like hotels airbnb and car rental, whatever you’re looking for, Bitrefill might have it, if not the exact retailer name but at least similar retail that would have the same item you’re looking for. In term of privacy, I would say it’s semi private, since if authority want to track you down, they can go to the retail store or where you spend your gift card and do a backward Read more […]

All passive beermoney no longer feasible to run or work especially perktv

I wonder if there are people still running beermoney weather passively semi-passive? Eventually they will all collapsed. was among the strongest, like swagbucks and earnhoney, all will collapsed sooner or later. Some people still doing hope one day that they will come back and pay, but if come back and pay, most likely it will be paying to selective users, not everyone will get paid, that’s for sure. Hopefully people don’t rely on these beermoney as their source of Read more […]

A solution to prevent California fire that is still burning now and the future with AI

This fire that is currently burning California could have been prevented. I’m not talking about prevent forest fire by not smoking, put out fire when leaving the camp ground or bbq, don’t drive over dry grass … whatever the smokey the bear said below: Only you can prevent wildfires Always be careful with fire Never play with matches or lighters Always watch your campfire Make sure your campfire is completely out before leaving it What I am talking about is something bigger but very simple Read more […]

Phishing email on fake “Congratulations, claim here your lumens.” stellar lumens XLM coins airdrop

The new third wave of XLM stellar lumens is real, but a lot of email are fake, phishing email that will steal your original XLM holding, do not fall for this. Like email below, if your spam email didn’t filter it out, you will get similar email below, if you mouse over the link it is not email address and it will take you to a replica website that will steal whatever you typed on it, even visiting the website the hacker got your IP location and more detail for them to track who you are Read more […]