Another “Yobit: New IEO (ICO) in 20 hrs!”

Here we go again. Have not heard from for a while on their IEO ICO. Although it’s not a scam, just be careful, there are only about 5% of the people can really make money on these type of stuff now a day. The coins offers are coins only exist on their internal platform. On Monday, June 29, 2020, 02:02:52 PM EDT, Yobit Mailer <[email protected]> wrote: YObit.netYoBit IEO (ICO) in 20 hrs! Dear YoBit Users! New Yobit IEO (ICO) in 20 hrs! Timer: ICO Read more […]


Do not fall for this scare tactic hacking folks, it’s the oldest trick on the book, you will get scary email like below scaring you to click link and open attachment etc. Do not do it. This kind of email usually goes into your spam folder, but hackers scammers are getting clever to bypass some Spam filter like this email below. If you received similar email like below, just ignore it or delete it and continue. I do not believe yahoo email will ever contact you like below email. Normally Read more […]

TERN Ternio Blockcard will be on Ethereum ERC-20 tokens? “100M TERN Burn on Stellar”

Yes. On Tuesday, June 23, 2020, 08:03:19 AM EDT, Ternio BlockCard™ <[email protected]> wrote: Big news — Ternio is burning 100,000,000 TERN from the Stellar chain and making them available on Ethereum!Hi , For the past two years the Ternio team has worked hard to bring adoption and utility to TERN with BlockCard. TERN is as good as cash and can be spent (with BlockCard) at over 50 million merchants worldwide! Read more […] YoBit: Get Paid Talk Tokens for Posts & Rates! sure sure is creative. I have not heard lately on new IEO ICO of new coins for a while and today I received this. Get paid with Talk Tokens for your posts and ratings. On Thursday, June 18, 2020, 01:50:54 PM EDT, Yobit Mailer <[email protected]> wrote: yobit.netGet Paid for Posts & Rates! Dear YoBit User! Get paid for every post and rate: We pay 10 Talk Tokens for each post (max limit: 20 / day) and 1 Talk Token for each rate (max Read more […] Get a crypto bonus of up to $2,500 with a new loan

So far have been working well. The initial deposit of USDC I had $900 are earning me daily interest and at the end of each month the interest transferred to the balance like compounding and I earn more interest. appears to be working hard with promotion to get more customers by offering various promotion from time to time, the latest is this “Get a crypto bonus of up to $2,500 with a new loan” below message. So far with a quick research, to earn $2500 extra bonus you Read more […]

Test deposit into Ternio token coin to see balance fluctuation

I got my blockcard Ternio. Just activated it and ignoring my balance deposit of $150 initially now currently show I only have $100 balance and $90 spendable balance, so I loss $50, not including the $10 minimum balance. Also there will be $5 fee if I don’t transact at least $750 a month on this blockcard. Now I’m testing the deposit of $750 to see if I can get 145,000 Ternio coin tokens to qualify for the 6% interest rewards. Currently I have 18,272 Ternio TERN coin balance and the Total balance Read more […] allow one free withdrawal per month

In continuing my adventure with balance with interest. Look like interest showing up daily consistently and when I tried to withdraw got the following messages. Notice the second screen shot, look like I get one free withdrawal per month, I think this is pretty good. However I have not done the actual withdrawal yet, just an attempt to see if it work. There is no transaction fees, but are there other fees other than transaction fees? Well refer to this link: Read more […]

Getting my blockcard through KYC process

Alright so I have been trying to get my Blockcard credit debit card (visa/master) and trying to understand how it work. I must say, it does not look like very promising because due to all the negative reviews I have read, although some positive reviews but seems to be for marketing purpose or affiliate or the staff or promoter themselves. I do not really know until I get the card and use it, so will see. Let first review how it got me to the BlockCard website to I was useing Read more […]

Do you trust “Deposit bitcoin and earn up to 4.5% interest”

Although the domain can be trusted, can you really trust someone else to hold your Bitcoin or other Cryptocurrencies? The short answer is NO, unless they have insurance to prove that if they lost your Bitcoin due to hacking or whatever reason got stolen you will be protected under their insurance like FDIC insured up to $1 million from most bank in the USA. On Wednesday, June 10, 2020, 11:58:42 AM EDT, <[email protected]> wrote: EARN INTERESTDeposit BTC And Read more […]

Goldman Sachs’ Consumer and Investment Strategy Group severely underestimated Bitcoin’s value for global payments and savings

Surprising? nope, Goldman Sachs and many major big financial business trying to get rid of bitcoin because they’re scare of Bitcoin will kill their business, why do that? because they want the profit to themselves not for the people. On Tuesday, June 2, 2020, 10:33:08 AM EDT, Kraken <[email protected]> wrote: KrakenHi , Goldman Sachs’ Consumer and Investment Strategy Group gave a presentation last week that, in our opinion, severely underestimated Bitcoin’s value for global Read more […]