Amazon BFULL Binoculars “[Important] Tips and Service for Bfull Binoculars !!”

If you purchased the Amazon BFULL Binoculars or have one and it’s not working for you following guide on the manual, maybe try the following it will fix it like the one I have. Basically how to adjust it before you call it not working, piece of crap, junk … well most items are not really junk, it’s just that you need some specially attention to it to make it work correctly. Below are latest direction how to adjust it optimal level for your BFULL binoculars. On Tuesday, April 23, 2019, 5:21:26 Read more […]

$10 device that can help you listen to anything anywhere via your mobile phone

“N9 2 Mic Automatic Monitoring Listening Devices in Acoustic Alarm Mini Elderly and Children Caring Device Voice System” 45dB audio and away 4meter if there are sound it will call you and and you can listen in. Basically the way this device work is, you can place it anywhere and when it detect audio or any sound that is 45dB or so, it will dial your mobile phone and you can listen in. So I think this is a great device, it’s small compact and rechargeable or you can plug into any typical phone Read more […]

Where to buy Fidget Spinners also known as Hand Spinners?

Quick answer: go to your local store, go to your local dollarmart store, convenient store, but probably might need to call them first, just ask simple question “do you have fidget spinner yes/no then just hang up” . Most likely local mart store have it, walmart might not have it on the shelves yet but they will. My quest to buy fidget spinners for my kids. This fidget spinners also known as many other names such as Tri Spinner, hand spinner and so on. There are also Read more […]