Loneliness is a health issue get it fix as soon as possible

Today I came across an article and also appear in the news about loneliness, it appears to be unhealthy and could be potential health issue. Loneliness is different from being alone. Let distinguish alone from loneliness. I think that even you socialize or have lots of friends and subscribers on social media like facebook instagram youtube etc. you can still be loneliness because you don’t really know if those people really care about you, and most if not all those people are very far away or Read more […]

How to check your own lungs health for early sign of trouble like cancer and pneumonia

If you ever been to a doctor office, you would probably recalled one of the thing the doctor would always check are your heart beat and lungs. If you have lungs problem chances are you will encounter some kind of symptoms such as hard to breath, cannot take a deep breath feeling aching pain somewhere in there and sometime it might just be your rib cage or top ab muscle that have pain or cramp. Whatever your symptom is, it’s better to go get a quick check up, it’s important. Now a day there urgent Read more […]

What do with money sitting in your bank or pocket doing nothing

Based on my personal experience. Have you ever wonder what you could do with money sitting in your or your pocket doing nothing but collecting dust? Let say you have $250 and it’s been sitting neutral in your bank or piggy bank, waiting for one day for emergency fund or use for something that really need to be use. How about think about think outside the box a little bit. Put that $250 somewhere where it will grow, get interest and dividends. Here are a few things you could grow your $250 and Read more […]

Respond back from CompoundW Liquid Warts removal RiteAid Item No. 0336710

I got a respond back from CompoundW Liquid Wart removal in regard to whether we should remove the harden layer snow white. The short answer is NO, see complete respond below.   Your Request for Information-Compound W Customer Care Center Thank you for taking the time to contact us regarding Compound W Fast-Acting Liquid WartRemover®. Please be advised that we recommend that you do not remove the white layer over your wart. This is an indication that the active ingredient salicylic acid, Read more […]

DAY 5-6 CompoundW Liquid Warts removal RiteAid Item No. 0336710

DAY 5-7 CompoundW Liquid Warts removal RiteAid Item No. 0336710 I think it’s working, the harden snow white layer came off and I continue to put new layer of the compoundW liquit. I also trim the crater around the wart off using nail clipper, it might be better to soak in 1 min water first to soften it. I don’t feel the wart there anymore, seems to be just layer of blister dead skin.    

DAY 3 CompoundW Liquid Warts removal RiteAid Item No. 0336710

DAY 3 CompoundW Liquid Warts removal RiteAid Item No. 0336710 Well it’s day 3 and nothing is changing. Still the white snow harden, however after I wash dishes, that white harden came off and I can see flesh inside the wart. So I went ahead reapplied the CompoundW wart liquid and it sting a little bit but not much. However right after that it harden again white as snow, no improvement or falling off except it’s hard and look ugly, need to put a band-aid on it if you don’t want people to notice. Read more […]

Highly recommend people to wear long sleeves clothing when cutting the grass

A couple months ago I cut the grass in the backyard, behind the fence also I think that’s where I got into rash trouble that lasted close to a month. I live in the East Coast Pennsylvania. In the summer time the grass grow really fast and green. Where I live in our backyard, behind our fence is a common area for all the neighbor to share the area, there are all kind of grass grew just behind out fence. I was on my short and t-shirt. The consequences after cutting the grass gave me major rash that Read more […]

DAY 2 CompoundW Liquid Warts removal RiteAid Item No. 0336710

DAY 2 CompoundW Liquid Warts removal RiteAid Item No. 0336710 It looks the same as day 1, except the the liquid compoundW turned white as snow and hardened, I don’t think I should remove the harden layer, I just applied on top of it not letting any residue go on the skin though, just on the wart. I did some additional research on “Compound W – First treatment day it is all white around, is this normal?” the answer is “YES”  Yes, this is normal. Salicylic acid (the active ingredient) is a Read more […]