This makes so much sense in life what you would encounter

People are going to die around you as the years go by, it’s inevitable.You have to spend money to live, regardless of perspective, make as much as you can.You are in complete control of your own life, you can blame others and people for situations but what you do next is on you.People you see as friends or family will not always have positive opinions of you.Your life will forever be changing, not many things in life stay permanent, don’t ever get too comfortable.Sooner or later, something in Read more […]

you just got paid Equifax Breach Settlement Fund has sent you $5.21 USD

Equifax Breach Settlement Fund has sent you $5.21 USD. Note from Equifax Breach Settlement Fund: quoteNote: This is your payment for the Equifax Data Breach Settlement claim filed between July 22, 2019 and January 22, 2020. The Settlement Administrator cannot provide tax advice. You may want to consult your financial or tax advisor with regards to the tax treatment of this Settlement payment if you have tax-related questions. Read more […]

Diesel heater exhaust heat for heating water? Don’t do it!

If you have one of those Chinese diesel heater so call parking car truck rv air heater, and thinking of the hot exhaust hose can be use to heat water or create more heat etc. think again. I did the experiment and didn’t work. I have watched many youtube videos with many youtube videos showing how to do it, but I never seen them really do a stress test, all they did was a 15 mins test or 1 hour test. I did my test with various heat exchanger or so call car egr heat exchanger or even a pool heat Read more […]

Owning a website and would like to know “What is Request, Impression, Fill rate, CTR and eCPM?”

According to this article on “” very helpful I used to have a google adsense account which make some money daily for a good legitimate original contents website that have organic traffic. RequestAn ad request is counted whenever your site requests ads to be displayed. It is the number of ad units that requested ads. We report an ad request each time a request was sent, even if no ads were returned Read more […]

Scammers frequently play on their victim’s emotions. This is how even those most intelligent and vigilant can fall victim to fraud

This is so true, “Did you know scammers frequently play on their victim’s emotions? This is how even those most intelligent and vigilant can fall victim to fraud.” there was an email from WesternUnion below, the above statement is very true, no matter how smart you, how careful you care, who you are, it does not matter, hackers and scammers does not necessary using their computer knowledge hacking methods but rather also emotional social hacking skills so be careful. These scammers and hackers Read more […]

ebay helping sellers through the coronavirus covid-19 “Payment Deferral and Repayment Dates”

RE: Hi : You have been approved for a payment deferment of $ 77.35 for your Covered Fees on your next invoice. As an additional way to help support you through this challenging time, we are also splitting up the repayment of that deferred amount over your next two billing cycles. Here’s how it will work: eBay will remove the covered deferred seller fee amount of $ 77.35 that was originally part of your 31 March 2020 invoice. After 30 days, eBay will apply $ 38.67 of that deferred amount back on Read more […]

Got a letter on the mail if you’re PECO customer from Dominion Energy Solutions will you really save money?

I got one of those the other day as well. This is only for the purchased gas cost (the PGC line item on your bill) – it does not affect the distribution cost, which is at least half of my monthly bill. For me it would only have knocked an average of $2.75 off my monthly bill for the last year. Also, the fine print is worrisome to me. It looks like after 2020 they can either offer another fixed term or switch to monthly charging with an additional adder of up to $0.600/Therm, so it could really jack Read more […] now have mobile phone plan from Verizon “Introducing Yahoo Mobile—just for you”

Look like their offer is very competitive. According to the email below from Mobile, it indicated you will get Yahoo Pro for free. It also indicated the bill is $39.99 that’s it nothing else no hidden charges whatsoever. On Sunday, March 22, 2020, 07:20:32 PM EDT, Yahoo <[email protected]> wrote:Yahoo!Hi ,Big news! We’ve just launched Yahoo Mobile, an unlimited wireless plan for just $39.99 per month that comes with unique Yahoo perks, too. And right now, we’re Read more […]

Paypal is now protecting seller during the Coronavirus pandemic? “Here to help: temporary refund policy in place through April 30th.”

The official message below from Paypal, although did not clearly say seller or buyer, but it did specifically say no fees for refunding? I did not know Paypal did not respond the fees they charge, hmm interesting. On Saturday, March 21, 2020, 09:56:01 AM EDT, PayPal <[email protected]> wrote: – Here to help: temporary refund policy in place through April 30th View OnlinePayPal Dear , At PayPal we are here to support you and we know that the spread of COVID-19 and its impact on the Read more […]