said “we’ve not scam anyone yet” but when we do, all of you will get scammed

So what’s the latest with ARB token platform? According to the Telegram ARB chat group: well as expected it’s getting worst and worst, as more and more supporters and big investors users loosing hope, loosing faith, for almost 5 months now and counting since December 10th 2018. After one news announced to another news announced, seems to be just news that say will make the platform better but apparently not, and again this has been going for almost 5 months and counting.

On some of the blog that talk about and some youtube channel that support ARB There was something ARB said that was interesting, “we have not scam anyone yet, not even one person” and this was back in around December 10th 2018. Today is end of April 2018, and most users realized all investors users got scammed. So it is fair to say ARB said “we have not scammed anyone yet” but it’s time for them to say “we have scammed all of you now, not one by one, but all of you at the same time” that’s the different between ARB token platform scam then other ponzi scam where they locked up certain account like micro manage individual account prevent withdrawal and so on. For they figure their strategy is to scam everyone at the same time instead of one by one. On top of that, it’s been almost 5 months and counting, many people already left, loss interest, nothing else they can do, more and more people leaving arb token each day and eventually the arb token platform will disappear and gone, nothing can be done, cannot report to police authority or anything like that because you have no proof other than some picture and a website which anyone can have be anonymous.

According to 3 channels that support ARB Chat group – Lately there was some announcement of the bank partner that supposed to be officially announced 10 later but it’s been over a month overdue and nothing on that. Visa Master card ATM partnership, nothing on that either and it’s been overdue. Trade Pro, it’s been very long time also and nothing new. Overall all these announcements seems interesting but it’s nothing more than keeping users investors interested as long as they can; once in a while ARB owner pops up and say hi, like “hey guys, you guys still here? ok let me keep the platform online for you to login and look, but nothing you can do” once in a while will say hey guys we have awesome news coming game changer blah blah … so on and so forth. It’s a known trend with a few other ponzi scheme HYIP platform were doing, they will keep doing this until the last users leave, self sustaining shut down was the strategy.

Also from one of the ARB token chat Group – So what is that news about the owner is on vacation and bought a new boat? well, I wouldn’t be surprise, we don’t know who the owner is or are? someone name David Peterson, or was Jeremy or someone else sitting behind a computer from somewhere in world? we don’t know. Don’t believe what you see on youtube or pictures profiles of the staff at here today delete tomorrow, if you don’t know or don’t realize the staff members at webpage homepage has been removed for a very long long time, it was removed a day before the token tank in Las Vegas end of 2018. That day the website of all the profiles pictures members of staff was removed and never put back up, that was a big indication for something to come, and today I think we all know what that indication is, that’s right if you still believe in just having temporary issue then either you’re the owner there or you’re an ill person that does not understand the ponzi scheme game, or a person that cannot accept arb token is a ponzi exit scam that will take 6 months to a year to completely disappear, you should assess yourself and your life at the moment. arb token is now a scam, it’s been almost 5 months and counting, nothing work how can a platform such as this will survive? how can it be able to pay all the accumulated profit for almost 5 months?

There was not a aBot, there was never a arbitraging bot as they say, they never made money through arbitraging, what they paid you was from a ponzi scheme taking money from new investors and pay to old investors to make them happy and keep promoting the platform. What they pay you could also be from your Ethereum price rise, not from aBot like they say. The obvious proof is that they were not able to pay you today because they either loss significantly and trying recoup hoping for Ethereum price to go back up. Even if Ethereum price rise back up, arb can make decision not to pay you either and simply keep the money for themselves by making more excuse with good news announcement. The sad thing is that nothing anyone can do about this, you cannot report to police, authority, government, if you think you report to FTC or something you’ll be wasting your time, it will take forever and probably never to locate the real owner, we only see youtube, pictures and websites, but we do not really know the exact person name location identity so on and so forth, it will take a lot of effort to find these scammers platform owner, take Bitconnect as example the biggest ponzi scam ever and did the owner ever get caught? I don’t think so, so why you think arb token owner will get scare to get caught so therefore he’s real?

Bottom line, if it looks too good to be true to be real … make your own decision and live with it. Don’t invest money you cannot afford to loose, if you have $1000 highly recommend get something nice for yourself don’t waste your time with ponzi and HYIP, chances are you will some you will loose some, and in the end you will spend a lot of time and headache just to get either nothing or even money in the end. If you really want to invest, I think just buy one top 20 coins such as Bitcoin and hold it for 6 months to a year or more, you will profit more, less headache, less time wasting, more time for fun.