Energy efficient vs low cost devices which one is more efficient and good for you?

According to the picture below from Peco energy recently just published to their customers whom are interested in being energy efficient, but I think it’s a way of them marketing and selling additional products to make money. To me I have a lot of devices around the house from normal consumer to AI (artificial intelligent) devices. Let take example if you buy a automatic light switch with motion activated so every time it senses motion it switch on and stay on for a min or so and continue to Read more […]

Produce free electricity forever with two motors powering each other

This is funny and for those that believe in this is like believing in whatever people say. This is the reason you need more education, or at least get educated so that you don’t fall for trick like this. Unfortunately it’s a fake, no such thing as free lunch when it come to this. So be careful what people say and do, even they show picture and videos, it could be a fake, but you might think it’s real because lack of knowledge in certain area. You got a lot to learn, first read lots of facts books Read more […]

This is Vietnam or surrounding countries in Asia electrical pole

Pictures said a millions words, are your desk, room, house, yard cluttered like this? think of what you are from the things around you. electrical pole or also known as utility pole, not really just from Vietnam only but many surrounding countries, developing countries such as Vietnam, India, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand and some part of Malaysia and Indonesia. Read more […]

Wow didn’t know Japan still uses pager and plan to end it by end of 2019 or sooner

Wow the good days, I still remember getting the most high tech gear during that time, getting a pager was a luxury for reach people back in the early 1990s. I was in high school as a freshmen when I heard of a high tech gear called a pager which sends text messages for you to read (one way only, if you want to respond then you would have to call and respond through a person sending it at the so call command center). It was useful at the time, but today it’s a waste of time and privacy issue, imagine Read more […]

Last night America Got Talent AGT 8/15/2017

After watching America Got Talent (AGT) last night, I don’t really know who to vote for as the best since half of them gave outstanding performance. It is also difficult to vote for the best because of each act are different; there are mixture/variety of talent from all over the world, that is why it’s so difficult to vote for the best. To me, I will go with my own guts and say the South Korea dance team “Just Jerk” have a chance, then the girl with the muppet singing so call ventriloquist. Read more […]

Donald Trump obviously have a tough guy attitude more like a jerk some say

Donald Trump obviously have a tough guy attitude more like a jerk some say Take a look at this video below, you can do this to your friend that you know for a long time, but even for world leader or representative of certain countries, this is not a good thing to do. “What is wrong with this man?” as one comment. [tubepress mode=”tag” tagValue=”donald trump push away”]