What’s the latest on arbitraging.co scam arb tokens platform ponzi scheme?

According to the Telegram chat room of all 3 or four channels chat group for ARB tokens, all these chat room official and un-official chat for ARB has been shutting down on and off muting the whole channel on and off, and complete ban and mute of many users, why? – because ARB tokens has been exiting scam slowly. Arbitraging.co arb token exit scam is super slow, perhaps their method of exiting scam is smarter than others, arbitraging.co do not just shut down and disappear, instead they’re making lives of investors and users miserables for over four months and counting, since December 10th of 2018.

It appears that arbitraging.co arb token exit scam method is to make their users and investors lives miserable so that the users and investors gave up themselves, arbitraging.co arb token do not care about the users and investors at the moment, whether you’re new or old investors, you will probably get the same treatment, making your miserable to voluntarily give up because there isn’t anything you can do, cannot report to authority, cannot complaint because you will get muted or banned, cannot get your money back, oh wait you could get your money back maybe 1% of your current aBot balance value if you can sell it. These are according to the chat messages before the users investors chat get deleted and banned.

Older investors profit quite a bit and those had taken vacation and enjoyed their earning and hope that they sold long time ago before December 10th 2018, if not then they’re in the same boat as many other users investors with their aBot balance stuck, earn merely pennies for day and lucky if they can sell. Many old investors users had moved, gone away to work on newer project while some investors users just suffering from the way how ARB tokens arbitraging.co been treating them for over 4 months and counting. There isn’t any indication that arbitraging.co arb token getting any better, one broken promise to the next, one good news turn out to be worst news to the next worst news so call good news, how long is this going to continue?

Well, how long is arbitraging.co arb token going to play game with the users and investors? it’s been over four months and counting since December 10th 2018. Based on the fact from December 10th 2018, has been hell for users investors into ARB tokens, and lately seems like no new investors because new investors users knew this arb token arbitraging.co platform is a scam so new investors stayed away. The current investors in arb token platform just have to hang on, knowing that it’s one good news turn out to be bad one after another, knowing their earning is nothing but pennies and not able to sell either, just have to keep holding until when?

That’s the big question, hold ARB until when? well the obvious answer in many if not all users investors mind is “when will it end”, when will arb token disappear just like bitconnect, coingeneration, cointellect, goex.pro and many more… With many last effort arb token already had done to get new investors but failed, those new investors probably didn’t do the research and their money invested in arb is stuck, cannot get it back out in full balance and cannot sell, maybe get 1% back from the original invested.

Many big supporter appears to be from youtube left the program totally, some came back and forth, some deleted their youtube videos, just playing around, making comments and so on. The one that got out in December 2018 consider still pretty smart, the one still hanging on today probably will disappear soon. Some are true supporter, some are fake supporter, some are just actors and actresses, disappearing one by one safely. The last one will probably disappear is the one who called himself David Peterson by the way none of it is his real name, not even first or last, not even his so call real name Jeremy, who knows. So by knowing there are a lot of fake information, what else can be fake? well a lot, like where he live, videos of the house, videos of the so call HQ (head quarter office) and so on, all can be fake. Obviously there isn’t a real address, there isn’t an office, there isn’t a real owner, anyone can be an owner of ARB token. So in the end you can’t really report to authority, it will only make ARB token disappear faster. Right now arbitraing.co arb token just taking their time to disappear and maybe it’s just a method of letting the users gives up disappear themselves.

Lastly aBot – do you think aBot trading bot really exist? so call aBot (automatic trading bot) that make you money with your money by trading arbitrage, does that exist? well I think many figure this out by now that it does not. If it does, then where are the users investors money over the past 4 months and counting since December 10th 2018? – Just keep in mind, none of these high yield investment program (HYIP) or so call Ponzi Scheme will pay you for a long time, the most longest was 6 months to a year, then they disappear. Some lucky people got in and got out early and never look back, while some unlucky got in late and loss all money, and some that really unlucky got in early and loss everything as well. So I think it’s over, don’t waste any more time with ARB token arbitraging.co platform even with their Trade Pro so call Free signal notification and so on, it’s just another tricks and gimmicks to get you in, why Trade Pro when you use the license trusted Bittrex Binance Poloniex or other license Exchange platform?