GoPro5 Black Hero audio microphone muffled distorted fix?

Very easy fix: If you removed the charger compartment, that is the cause, just put it back. If you put the camera into the holder that blocked the microphones of the camera, that’s the cause, just drill big holes showing the microphones. Lastly check the camera holes, make sure no dirt or debris in there especially after water exposure. If none of those three fixes your audio muffled distorted issue then it’s probably the microphone itself or your camera speaker play back is bad, just play the clip Read more […]

Buy anything with Cryptos? through bitrefill gift card? “Bitrefill News – Shopping Cart, Lightning Conference, China Launch…”

So this is great news. Bitrefill have a lot of gift cards products from many top bran or online retailer store including travels like hotels airbnb and car rental, whatever you’re looking for, Bitrefill might have it, if not the exact retailer name but at least similar retail that would have the same item you’re looking for. In term of privacy, I would say it’s semi private, since if authority want to track you down, they can go to the retail store or where you spend your gift card and do a backward Read more […]

A solution to prevent California fire that is still burning now and the future with AI

This fire that is currently burning California could have been prevented. I’m not talking about prevent forest fire by not smoking, put out fire when leaving the camp ground or bbq, don’t drive over dry grass … whatever the smokey the bear said below: Only you can prevent wildfires Always be careful with fire Never play with matches or lighters Always watch your campfire Make sure your campfire is completely out before leaving it What I am talking about is something bigger but very simple Read more […]

Sky Lantern Festival customer service are horrible!

If you bought tickets from some great deals website like and so on for a Sky Lantern Festival through night lights event, be careful make your ticket is correct 100% from date, time, location, age group, people, what’s include and not, and lastly 100% you will make it to the event. Otherwise you will have a super hard time and maybe next to impossible to make changes to your ticket, if you can even get a respond from customer support at all. In the case with, Read more […]

Amazon BFULL Binoculars “[Important] Tips and Service for Bfull Binoculars !!”

If you purchased the Amazon BFULL Binoculars or have one and it’s not working for you following guide on the manual, maybe try the following it will fix it like the one I have. Basically how to adjust it before you call it not working, piece of crap, junk … well most items are not really junk, it’s just that you need some specially attention to it to make it work correctly. Below are latest direction how to adjust it optimal level for your BFULL binoculars. On Tuesday, April 23, 2019, 5:21:26 Read more […]

Why you should not trust social media business or fan page…

Let say you recently found a really good site and they have social media such as facebook, instagram, telegram, discord, youtube and so on. So you feel comfortable trusting them right? WRONG! Let start by saying that, all these top popular social media account here one day and gone the next day, on top of that how would you know what was said written is true? on their social media site? Bottom line, these social media account be created very easily and anonymously without a trace to the original Read more […]

Places I have traveled to in year 2018 – google map history

my google maps timeline “here’s your 2018 Timeline See the places you’ve visited in 2018. Your Timeline is created when you have turned on Location History – look like I have been in USA state of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Virginia, New York, Vermont, Washington DC, Florida, Nevada, California. Then Malaysia, Singapore, and Japan. Google Maps Timeline [email protected] To: Jan 3 at 7:47 AM , here’s your 2018 Timeline See the places you’ve visited in 2018. Your Timeline is Read more […]

$3 a month non voip phone # from T-Mobile is among the only one that’s available today

If you need a landline #, or so called non-voip #, and at affordable price, T-Mobile prepaid probably the best and the only non-voip # available today. Have you ever encountered issues with bank, or related institution, included some money earning website such as swagbucks earnhoney and so on required you to have an actual phone that is not voip? well this is where the t-mobile $3 a month would help greatly. However the t-mobile prepaid monthly $3 is limited to 30mins or 30 text per month, perhaps Read more […]

Terrorist drove a van run over crowd of people killing and injured many

It happened again. Terrorist drove a van run over crowd of people killing and injured many. What is wrong with people these days? is the hatred that deep to kill innocent people woman and children? These crowd of people many are innocent old woman caring for children, they’re not your enemies, have they ever done anything to you? Van plows into Barcelona Spain crowd The number is “bound to rise” according to local officials. Local Police have confirmed that the incident was a terror attack. Incident Read more […]

Watch out for Hertz Rental Car toll fees service charge from Platepass

It was a surprised to me when I got a bill for $30 from Platepass. I noticed it link to my rental car with Hertz in San Francisco Bay area. I rented a Jeep for 4 days. I went to San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge once, and I noticed there wasn’t a toll person so I can pay the toll, but instead it appears to be automated somehow. The toll maybe $7 or less. However I got charged from Platepass for $30. What a ripped off huh? Well apparently, Hertz partnership with Platepass and somewhere hidden Read more […]