Get a crypto bonus of up to $2,500 with a new loan

So far have been working well. The initial deposit of USDC I had $900 are earning me daily interest and at the end of each month the interest transferred to the balance like compounding and I earn more interest. appears to be working hard with promotion to get more customers by offering various promotion from time to time, the latest is this “Get a crypto bonus of up to $2,500 with a new loan” below message. So far with a quick research, to earn $2500 extra bonus you Read more […] allow one free withdrawal per month

In continuing my adventure with balance with interest. Look like interest showing up daily consistently and when I tried to withdraw got the following messages. Notice the second screen shot, look like I get one free withdrawal per month, I think this is pretty good. However I have not done the actual withdrawal yet, just an attempt to see if it work. There is no transaction fees, but are there other fees other than transaction fees? Well refer to this link: Read more […]

My first report of earning “BlockFi Statement | You just earned $3.71 worth of crypto”

So look like blockfi is working well, consistent earning and well communicated. Just waiting for a complete month before I tried to withdraw and see the actual fees. Stay tuned. On Monday, June 1, 2020, 12:53:45 PM EDT, BlockFi Support <[email protected]> wrote:Hi ,In the month ending May 31, 2020, you earned $3.71* worth of crypto with BlockFi. Please review your statement below. Log into your Dashboard to see your current balance and more. Thank you for choosing BlockFi, and feel free Read more […] email confirmation “Get Ready for Your $100 BTC Bonus”

Well, today I’ve received an email from indicated that I qualified for the $100 bonus, however this is just an email confirmation, as the $100 is not in my account yet. It indicated below that it will be on July 30th 2020 … will see, stay tune. On Tuesday, May 26, 2020, 05:08:01 PM EDT, BlockFi <[email protected]> wrote:BlockFi_Logo_Watermark_White-01promoemailThank you for funding your BlockFi Interest Account (BIA). We wanted to let you know that you’re eligible to receive Read more […] Bitcoin investment interest account platform got hacked on May 14th 2020?

Based on this email below. It is good that notified its users of the activities. The key information you should pay attention to are: Account Information in your BlockFi account that was accessed during the incident is data we typically use for marketing purposes: Name, Email Address, Date of Birth, Postal Address, Activity History Account Information in your BlockFi account that was NOT accessed: Social Security Number, Tax Identification Numbers, Passports, Licenses, Passwords, Read more […]

Just a quick update on the earning with with $967 USDC investment at 8.6% APY

It’s been two days since I deposit the $967 USDC and today when I checked my account and I’m seeing 44 cent interest. ACCRUED INTEREST$0.44 So apparently it is earning interest within platform, and it is indeed 8.6% APY. I will try to withdraw in the next month or so to see how much withdrawal fees will be if I can even can withdraw the interest at all. Also the $100 in BTC bonus, let see if I will get that as well in a couple of months. Read more […]

Testing interest account with USDC $960 taking advantage of $100 in BTC

So I’m getting this email below from indicating I qualified for $100 in BTC for new account deposit. I tried to read it carefully and I didn’t see anything that said I would not be qualified such as if this is limit to the first 500 new customers. So I think I qualified for the $100 in BTC bonus. The deposit I will be making is for $967.37 in USDC coin from my Bittrex account to Blockfi. I attempted to get GUSD but that didn’t work from Bittrex to HitBTC then BitBTC to GUSD, something Read more […] “Mobile App From BlockFi Now Live!” There are no fees?

Alright folks notice the phrase “There are no fees …” There are fees when you withdraw so be careful of the fine prints, although there are no fees to invest and earn up to 8.6%, but beware that the withdrawal fees is not cheap with if you’re not sure then contact blockfi directly and ask them if you invest $1000 in a coin and within a month you earned $8 interest (assuming 8.6% yield), if you want to withdraw that $8 then how much is the withdrawal fees total? you will be surprise Read more […] latest update “Get $50 in free BTC when you trade with BlockFi – One Week Only”

Let me first say that chances are you will not get $50 in BTC from if you read their terms of service on the promo “BlockFi Promotional Terms” – “BlockFi will pay a maximum of 2,000 clients on a first com” notice they said in fine print maximum of 2000 clients, will you be in the 2,000 clients? are they having less client or something, I mean 2,000 clients is nothing for such a platform so chances are you will not get it because you don’t really know if you will be among the 2000 clients Read more […] latest update 5% interest on BTC? “$30M Series B, Rates Update, Interviews, and more | February Newsletter”

Look like becoming more legit somewhat competitive with, now almost 5% interest on your BTC balance. However watch out for the withdrawal fees, it could hit you big time if you’re thinking withdrawing frequently. On Thursday, February 27, 2020, 12:48:35 PM EST, BlockFi Newsletter <[email protected]> wrote: BlockFi_Logo_Watermark_White-01$30M Series B, Rate Updates, Interviews, and moreFebruary 27 Monthly NewsletterFebruary has been a huge month for us with one particularly Read more […]