How to spot an online scam to your financial bank credit card account

Learn how to spot a scamScammers often pretend to be someone they’re not. They may trick you into providing information to gain access to your account. Get to know the following scams to help keep your accounts safe and secure. Online ShoppingA scammer sets up a fake online store and asks you to pay in ways other than a credit or debit card, leaving you without recourse when the item doesn’t arrive. Pay YourselfA person pretending to be a Chase employee asks you to transfer money to yourself Read more […]

LastPass got hacked? Re: Update on Recent Security IncidentLastPass got hacked?

Source code was accessed in an attempt to target an employee at LastPass, and from my personal opinion was to access the whole database, good thing look like LastPass caught it before further exploit. On Friday, December 23, 2022 at 09:23:45 AM EST, LastPass [email protected] wrote: LastPassDear LastPass Customer,  We recently notified you that an unauthorized party was able to gain access to a third-party cloud-based storage service which is used by LastPass to store backups. Earlier Read more […]


Do not fall for this scare tactic hacking folks, it’s the oldest trick on the book, you will get scary email like below scaring you to click link and open attachment etc. Do not do it. This kind of email usually goes into your spam folder, but hackers scammers are getting clever to bypass some Spam filter like this email below. If you received similar email like below, just ignore it or delete it and continue. I do not believe yahoo email will ever contact you like below email. Normally Read more […]

How to report DDOS or attack from certain IP address abuse

If you run a web server or a computer being ddos or attacking your computer internet, you can get the IP attacking your computer server and lookup that IP address for owner or company and report it very helpful link since this look up give you lots of detail about the IP especially where to send your complain to abuse@ ….

Web hosting with godaddy probably a bad idea ever!

Godaddy is famous its domain name registration, but web hosting? probably not a good idea, don’t fall for the low price. Ever since the day godaddy decided to expand its business from domain name registration to webhosting was a bad idea, they’re not expert although they hire someone with expertise on web server still didn’t go well apparently and this is not the first time. Godaddy should have stick with just domain registrar, although they may have make a little more money but now they’re spending Read more […]

Fake phishing email from amazon “Re: [Important] Someone using an unrecognised device attempted to sign in to your account. [#yk7Zc]”

Do not fall for this scam folks, it’s a fake email from hacker trying to hack your amazon account. The email from “[email protected] [email protected]” and subject: “Re: [Important] Someone using an unrecognised device attempted to sign in to your account. [#yk7Zc]” It read something like this below. The method being use here is scare tactic and phishing, if you clicked on the link you probably on your way being hacked because it will notified the Read more […]

Adrian Butler[Paypal Support] Re: [Dismissed]Your Account Is Revoked

Be careful folks. Below is a fake email from hacker trying to hack your paypal account with phishing method combination of scare tactic. Do not fall for this trick. Do not click on any link on the email, on every email. If you want to check your account then go directly to the website by typing in website and login and check your email from there. If you have mobile device, use the official app. The link from email below will take you to a hacker website that look exactly like paypa, Read more […]

Fake phishing scam email paypal From Apps “Additional Information about Account Limitations (VODNJ-VODNJBF-VODNJBF-VODNJ)”

Don’t fall for this trick folks. You might receive similar email as below, it is encode encrypted so that your email spam program cannot detect and block or put into the spam folder. The message is actually encrypted as shown below, it almost like a different fonts was use make it readable as english through translator. The message actually said “It looks like there was a sign in to your paypal account from a new device. At Paypal, your security is a top priority. We’ve taken extra precaution Read more […]

Scam Re: Amazon Billing Update [86RA61] – [Updáte Report] : Account Verificátion Required

Don’t fall for this trick folks, it’s a fake email from hackers pretending to be Amazon support billing department. These are known method hackers are using to steal your Amazon accounts and everything about you, so be careful. You will get similar pdf file attachment email like the one below wordings. Some what like scare tactic trying to hack your account because you get frighten and want to take care of it right away by clicking on links like Click Here, Read Me, and so on… [email protected] Read more […]