mBot golive aBot earning for today is 2ARB based on 10ETH investment on arbitraging.co

1 aBot active investment Profit – 20 arb in usd ( 7.0953 ) Credit 2.0093446436763 2018-10-20 16:00:15

Look like mBot went live today on arbitraging.co The news did push the price of ARB went up a bit, however it was up and down all day long never really reach even $10, but hovering above $5 to $7 all day long as people buy and sell. The old users took profit by selling, the new investors went on board buying ARB investing in it to be exact.

The telegram channel is very active for arbitraging.co sometime David Peterson so call owner of the arbitraging.co platform chat in there as well in addition to being active in his youtube channel. Seems to be more legit than other lending platform like BITTTTTTTTTTTTTCONNNNNNNNNNNNNEECTTTTTTTTTT!