Yet another replica of the real coin “YoBit Rocket ICO in 14 hrs!”

Get in and get out fast folks, when you see profit sell right away and never look back. Yet just announced another ICO coin within their trading platform, so call InvestBox. This time it’s the popular “Rocket” have to do with Russian is all I can say. Keep in mind, this is only within platform for trading, you cannot withdraw the coin or anything like that, it’s just a some what like HYIP (high yield investment program) InvestBox or a ponzi coin where you purchase and the price sky rocket and drop or you get super high yield investment like 3% daily or so. So if you want to get involve and make some money if you’re lucky then get in and get out right away when you see profit, normally people whom just hold thinking it will continue to go up doesn’t have good profit or no profit or even worst loose it all and nothing you can because of the fine print you agreed to when using internal platform coins ICO. Just like and so on, they do not guaranteed anything, they can make up story saying they got hacked or government shutting them down, and they will and can disappear without a trace and nothing anyone can do because this had happened in the past like recent bitconnect.

On Monday, April 8, 2019, 7:00:35 PM EDT, Yobit News [email protected] wrote:
YoBit Rocket ICO in 14 hrs!
Dear YoBit Users!
New ICO in 14 hrs, timer:
ICO coins: 479,900,000
ICO price: 0.00000100 (100 sat)
ICO amount: 479.9 btc
Buy limit: 5 btc
ICO rules:
InvestBox Plan – 4% / daily
90% buy walls (you can sell after the trading start and be in profit):
0.00000110 (110 sat) – 47.99 btc
0.00000109 (109 sat) – 47.99 btc
0.00000108 (108 sat) – 47.99 btc
0.00000107 (107 sat) – 47.99 btc
0.00000106 (106 sat) – 47.99 btc
0.00000105 (105 sat) – 47.99 btc
0.00000104 (104 sat) – 47.99 btc
0.00000103 (103 sat) – 47.99 btc
0.00000102 (102 sat) – 47.99 btc
(each wall – 10% btc amount)
Sincerely yours,
Team of Yobit.Net
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