How long can platform like and survive despite the cryptocurrencies market plummeting?

No doubt, it has been depressing to see the cryptocurrencies market plummeting drop like a rock over the past few days. Bitcoin BTC kept on going down to $1000 or lower perhaps back to the $250 or lower. Ethereum the same, heading down to lower than $100 probably $50 or lower. Ripple the same, and perhaps the biggest culprit for impacting the price is Bitcoin Cash hard fork occurred back in November 15th 2019 last week causing the whole market crash.

Now if we look at stock market, it’s the same, I don’t see stock market doing any better? Stock market also dropped over the past several weeks. However the biggest looser appears to be Bitcoin and alternative altcoins.

Going back to the main purpose of this blog. Can platform like and survive this down turn? chances are, I’m pretty sure they’re struggling to survive this crash as well. They’re hoping for more investors to enter to come in and keep the program running strong. Only hope is that ARB have enough ETH coins that they obtained during the ICOs selling their ARB tokens for ETH coins, enough ETH coins to pay out aBot investors. Same with hope for the best of these platform and similar one. These two are competitive but the one that will most likely to survive long is, but only time will tell the truth. These platform is somewhat similar to the HYIP (high yield investment program) but with some promising ideas that they’re working, but again we don’t really know if the bot of arbitraging is 100% real, but for some or many will just have to believe.

At this point, it is 100% truth in saying the safest way to make a living is to get a real job. Keep your day job while investing in cryptocurrencies but ensure you have enough money for necessities. Never invest money you cannot afford to loose.