Are you still wondering about ARB token platform what’s next?

Below is a telegram chat room so call “ARB Love Community” written by a chatter probably been around with ARB for a while knowing a thing or two, at least he/she been monitoring it.

Let first just to summarize arb token platform. ARB has been working well until December 10th 2018. After this date, began to have issue blaming on the users, after blaming the users update the platform so call to fix it all, greatest invention ever, game changer, new innovation will take arb to the next level, patent pending, so on and so forth, but in the end it’s nothing other than to get people’s attention, get new investors and current investors to reinvest. So it has been 4 months and counting one news to the next but all the same, it’s getting worst and worst, users investors cannot sell their profit to ETH easily. Those that sell their profit worth pennies, even for hundreds thousands dollars account is limited to sell.

Four months and counting, a lot of big account now gaining so much ARB that they don’t know what to do other than holding it, or putting it into vault. However in any case these ARB holders now have way too much ARB and if one day ARB were to have a price increase back to even $1 there is no way can handle to pay all these accumulated arb gained daily by profits. As days turned into weeks and months, now many accounts users investors have lots of ARB accumulated, imagine if selling is possible again, how is arb token can pay all? Just plain and simple, they cannot. The longer not able to pay, the more harder and probably next to impossible for arb to pay all its users because of the accumulated arb gained from daily profit.

The other question is, some people think internal exchange of arb no one see the blockchain transactions, I don’t know about this, but I though ARB token total is showing in the blockchain ethereum, at least it’s showing total in and out.

Bottom line, the longer ARB token platform not able to pay its investors users, it will be harder and probably next to impossible to pay to its users investors, unless they have some other tricks under their sleeves to take care of this, but it will probably another tricks. What should have been done was to decrease the daily profit prevent accumulation of ARB token earned but choose not to go that route because they’re exiting scam strategy. ARB token exit scam is to let the users investors go away disappear on their own slowly one by one, users and investors will get tired and leave, this exit scam strategy appears to work very well for arb token platform, as the biggest support left with ROI and big profit, then followed by smaller or newer support left with ROI and a little bit of profit, then the one that left behind are the new investors and old investors that reinvested their ROI or reinvested their profit. Some people probably did submit complaint to official but probably not going to do any good until a large number of users investors submitted with substantial amount money loss then official might look into, but by then the arb platform might already be long gone without any good track to look for them just like previous bitconnect, no one got arrested, no one got charge, no one went to jail, they continue with their business, FOR NOW that is. The same will happen with arb token platform, the man appear on youtube so call “Jeremy” “David Peterson” can delete his videos and profile and everything off the internet, the videos of his house and stories could be all fake with actors and actresses. Even if authority can catch that man, he could say he’s not the owner, the owner could be someone else offshore or behind the computer sitting somewhere in a starbucks coffee shop with a laptop connected to public wifi good luck tracing that. Basically that man “Jeremy” “David Peterson” could be just a puppet controlled by someone else …

After yesterdays clash of war, I’m glad to see we are more calm, including myself. My sentiment has come to this:
ARB has been accused as scammers since August last year, and more frustration build up last 4 months (obviously)
ARB has to an extent implemented features and restrictions wanted by many in the community, most of it related to this undercutting (eternal discussion). I don not speculate in reasoning behind this.
This has resulted in a more extreme set of camp/groups, shillers, fudders and wrong doers. By wrong doers is those who intend to actively bring ARB down by reporting (or claim reporting) to SEC and excessive manipulate market (dump AND pump). Last one is open for debate and IMO only.
We need the fudders and shillers, and I hope we can keep our community respectful (my self included).
We get the point when you comment “who is going to buy now?”, “These fees only goies back to the pockets of ARB”, “1k coin”, “ARB is awesome” and so on.
The truth is probably somewhere inbetween. (Im not commenting on those shouting “scam”-“scam”, “they are exiting”, because this is surely not doing any good and is borderline intentional damage. And I say borderline, because much of it is an expression of frustration that in reality need to be addressed.
Someone mentioned earlier that it is the company that creates the investors/customers expectation, this is the best comment, hands down that has made me think the last days. With this in mind as a basis for creating the necessary changes, and communicating them, I believe is a reasonable mindset would like David & Co to have.
I do now believe in any way that they intend to exit, they would have done that much earlier, as I know that there has been frustration and challenges in ARB. David had at a point threats to his family (which is verified), I hardly believe that any scammers would keep going onwards after this. I am not saying the fees and things Shoemoney presented yesterday is ok, because I think it aint
There is no conclusion to this, I only hope for the community to come together, fudders and shillers, and do my part to provide a better climate in the chat.