Replacing new brake pads without resurfacing your brake disc or rotors can cause noise

I still have a 2005 Nissan Quest family car, and I’ve been doing my own maintenance. It has 103K miles on it, and I think it’s to replace the spark plugs, but I think that will be painful. Anyhow, the latest maintenance I did was replacing the brake pad. After putting on a new brake pads, all four wheels, it started to make screeching noise when I applied the brake at certain point, somewhere in the middle of the pedal, not when it’s completely down or at the beginning. Also sometime the steering wheel shake violently back and forth, I mean I can feel it.

I did some research, and it appears that because my brake disc and rotors surface isn’t matching with the brake pad surface. People recommend when I replace the brake pad, I may need to consider resurfacing the brake disc and rotor also especially it has over 100k miles on it, the disc and rotor surface doesn’t align with the new brake pad. Also it’s best to also use grease on all metal contact.

I think resurface cost like $25 a piece, so if four pieces then it’s like $100, I think I can get new disc and rotors for the same price, why resurface it 🙂 LOL.

I ended up purchased cheap AM parts I think, and replaced all four wheels brake rotors and disc, with the new brake pad, it work wonderfully, no noise at all, and the steering is smooth, no vibration or shaking when driving or braking.